Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Show4me Music Interaction Network Introduces Ticketed Online Show Functionality, Forgoes Fees | Music Think Tank

Making a living off your music has always been hard work. With venues closed, concerts and festivals cancelled, the situation has aggravated significantly.

To help musicians expand their revenue streams, Show4me has come up with an additional tool that can be very helpful in quarantine – ticketed online shows.

The feature allows musicians to start a ticket pre-sale campaign for their online show with fans getting admission tickets to the event, as well as additional perks like a ticket with a tutoring session included, or a songwriting session, or merch.

The show is then streamed in an artist’s Show4me Artist club (free to create and maintain). Normally, profits made by musicians on Show4me are subject to the network fees (6-15%), but due to the situation with the global health crisis Show4me will be forgoing the fees for 2 months. This way, musicians get full contributions of their fans and earn more.

Benefits of online shows

Even though everyone’s doing it, there are quite a few undeniable upsides to holding a live show even if the market looks satuarted. Let’s take a look:


  • easy to put together making base show budget low and leaving room for cheapers tickets
  • are a great way to build connection with fans who can’t come to a live event
  • a creative outlet that allows you to share your music and skill
  • experiment-friendly format
  • a way for your to supplement your income
  • helps attract and connect with new fans who don’t need to travel to your show destination


Online shows are a great way to continue building your music career in the time of adversity and a useful source of income with live shows not being an option for a while.

How to launch a ticketed online show on Show4me


Launching a ticketed online show is pretty simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Come up with your show concept.
  2. Create exciting promo materials: a video invite, cover image, sample audio tracks.
  3. Prepare a FOMO-inducing description.
  4. Launch your ticket presale campaign on Show4me (here’s how to make it look it’s best).
  5. Promote your campaign (there’s definitely more than one step to this, but since we’ve just covered this for Music Think Tank recently, here’s the link to the full promotion strategy you can implement for your upcomign event ->
  6. Get your campaign funded.
  7. Stream your show in your Show4me Artist club!

Final thoughts

New Show4me functionality of ticketed live shows enables you to put together online shows that your fans can attend in quarantine and enjoy together. You get to connect with your existing fans, expand your fanbase, add more live shows to your resume, and earn money off your music.

After your show, your fans can explore your Artist club on Show4me, where they can support your music by buying your music (albums, EPs, singles – all proceeds now free of fees for the two months of quarantine), subscribing to your Artist club for free or at $1/year with premium membership, as well as support your crowdfunding campaigns for new music or live shows that can be with an open date to crowdfund now and hold later.

Learn everything about Show4me ticketed online shows on Show4me blog


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