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Opening America | Lefsetz Letter

Do you think it’s safe to go outside?

Many Democrats are now asking themselves this question.

This is tribal warfare, but the more interesting element is groupthink, how you change someone’s opinion.

Last night Bill Maher said to open America, he wants to go to a restaurant.

Today people are strolling on beaches in Florida, why can’t you? After all, you believe you’re Covid-19 free. Sure, some people are asymptomatic carriers, but obviously you’re not one, and you’re not going to infect anyone, so you should be able to go outside. And if you get near someone else…nothing will happen, because they’re confident they’re healthy too.

And then you’ve got Bethany McLean, a business reporter for “Vanity Fair,” saying Florida didn’t run out of hospital beds as predicted, so maybe the people are right.

“And yet, the predicted surge that was supposed to overwhelm hospitals due to Floridians’ obvious stupidity hasn’t happened yet. Maybe they know something that the states shutting their parks don’t.”

So now you’re wondering…maybe you’re wrong, maybe you’ve been taking this too seriously, after all, many people you know who’ve been loose with self-quarantining are just fine. You know, the people who had their housekeeper come, albeit wearing a mask, those who’ve seen their grandchildren. And you’re losing money sitting at home. You did it for over a month, and that’s enough.

So, the self-quarantiners wonder if it’s worth it to stay at home at all, if everybody else is not.

Meanwhile, the other side is just fighting with science.

But science is fungible, haven’t you heard? As for statistics, they can be manipulated, so you’re best off not believing any of them, just go with your gut.

As for facts… Trump’s not wearing a mask, he’s fine, and he’s around people all the time. Same deal with Congresspeople, sure, some got infected, but maybe they got it elsewhere, otherwise all of Congress would be infected.

And if you’re rich, fine. But I could use the money from going back to work.

And I’m sick and tired of listening to Fauci, he’s a tool of Trump and he’s lost credibility.

I think I’m gonna go with the flow, it’s time to open America. It’s time for me to live my life. It’s time to put Covid-19 in the rearview mirror, after all, nobody I know died. As for the people who did die…people are dying all the time. And that’s another question I have. Are more people dying from this than the flu, and isn’t China to blame?


The right has been on a full court press to make Covid-19 a political issue.

You may not have seen Dr. Fauci on Laura Ingraham’s broadcast, you should read this and watch the video:

“Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s interview with Anthony Fauci goes sideways – Fauci repeatedly dismissed Ingraham’s dodgy premises in an interview that reinforced how punditry like Ingraham’s has flown in the face of what health officials are saying”

Just as interesting is this story about Michael Savage, who turns out to have a Ph.D with training as an epidemiologist:

“Why Michael Savage Is Blasting Hannity and the Right-Wing Media on the Virus – Mr. Savage, the conservative radio host, is still loyal to President Trump but says right-wing media got it all wrong by doubting the severity of the coronavirus early on.”

Neither of these stories got any legs, never mind not being featured on Fox or other right wing outlets, which amplify the words of doctors Phil and Oz. And you might dismiss them, but the reason they’re being featured at all is because they’ve got large audiences, primarily those of housewives, who make decisions about the health of their children.

The left does not understand how to play this game. The left does not know how to get people to question their values and beliefs. The left is not organized, it’s busy infighting, coming to consensus, abhorring leaders and being left behind.

What is the promise of Biden’s campaign? A RETURN TO NORMALCY!

We’re not going back to normalcy, just like we’re not going back to dial telephones and vinyl records. Oh, oops, that’s something the left has been able to sell, a faulty story about the return of vinyl records, when their distribution and revenue is de minimis in the world of music consumption and revenue.

But you’ve got people amplifying these falsehoods. Just like you’ve got the Never Trumpers, does it make any difference? NO!

Just like the media has sold the story we live in a hip-hop nation. Look at concert grosses, which are not shared with the general public. It turns out people have much more diverse interests than hip-hop. As a matter of fact, those on the hit parade tend to sell fewer tickets and fall off the radar screen sooner.

But that doesn’t matter, it’s all about perception.

So, you’re sitting at home, cheering Andrew Cuomo’s press conference yesterday, but you’re not spreading the word on it, chances are you’re unaware of its details, you’re hearing about it from me.

“Reminder: Don’t get on Andrew Cuomo’s bad side”

You don’t need to read the article, just scroll down to the video. Cuomo nails Trump without becoming histrionic, but we’ve placed our faith in Old Joe, who can’t get any ink, can’t get any mindshare.

“Biden Is Losing the Internet. Does That Matter? – The coronavirus has forced Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee into an all-digital campaign, and he’s struggling to break through.”

Meanwhile, Trump owns Facebook.

“How Facebook Works for Trump – Donald Trump won the presidency by using the social network’s advertising machinery in exactly the way the company wanted. He’s poised to do it again.”

The war is fought online, that’s where you ensure victory, not on television, and Biden and the Democrats haven’t even gotten their army together, never mind started to fight.

As for the truth?

“Protesters slam California stay-at-home orders as ‘tyranny.’ But truth is more complex.”

Read the article. Most people are scared and are willing to stay home, overwhelmingly, but the scuttlebutt is all about the protesters!

Women and Democrats have these mass gatherings, these mass protests, and nothing happens. The Republicans inspire a few acolytes to go out on the front lines and everything changes.

And it’s not only leaving your house during the era of Covid-19, you’re questioning a lot of other things.

Maybe the government does waste money, maybe I am better off keeping my taxes, donating if I feel like it, it’s everybody for themselves in America anyway.

I don’t have the money for an electric car, which they tell me are expensive, I need cars to be cheap, and if lowering the pollution standards does this, so be it. And technology will take care of the climate crisis, didn’t all these car companies come up with anti-pollution methods and increase gasoline efficiency when forced to?

Maybe the Democrats only do want to tax and spend. I have compassion for others, but I’m sick and tired of supporting those who are unwilling to work.

As for Medicare for All…I’ve got a good policy and I don’t want to risk losing it, after all, Obama said everybody could keep their policy and that was untrue, even if I was able to keep mine.

Are you getting this? The truth doesn’t matter. As for the score… Sure, we’ve got elections, but this is not a game of football or basketball, where you can see all the plays and cheating is limited. In this case, plans are made secretly, and if you don’t have a plan, you’re always playing defense. And, if you’re living in the twentieth century, you’re one century behind and you’re never going to catch up.

So, let’s look what happened in the music business. For years, we had oldsters bitching that music was undervalued, CDs sounded best and the youth were not to be trusted, they wanted all the music for free. Now, today, the youth have inherited the business and the oldsters are irrelevant. Only those who’ve embraced the internet, who employed Soundcloud, who gave their music away for free, have traction in today’s recorded music world. And, the younger generation is willing to spend for streaming and is willing to pay sky high prices to go to concerts. Meanwhile, the older generation is still bitching that it’s right, but nobody is listening.

You’ve got to fight today’s battles.

And the left keeps saying Trump is losing.

But if you look at the landscape today, it appears he and his minions are winning!

Think about this. Your heart may be in the right place, you may rely on facts, but you’re in the minority.


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