Friday, April 3, 2020

L Devine’s digital ‘URL Tour’ helped her sell out of merch | Music Ally

One of the most inventive approaches to livestreaming so far this year came from British artist L Devine, who went on an online-only ‘URL Tour’ when a planned physical tour was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead of towns or cities, the URL Tour was structured around platforms: Instagram Live on 16 March; Twitter on 20 March; Facebook Live on 23 March; TikTok on 26 March; and YouTube Live on 30 March.

How did it go? We recommend Billboard’s post-mortem with Devine for that: the tour involved a mixture of different sets and themes, tuned for each platform, with plenty of benefits.

“The announcement brought on a flurry of press coverage, she sold out her merchandise (which has since been restocked), and Devine’s follower counts rose across the board as the digital gigs reached some of her biggest-ever crowds, online or off,” it reported.

The article includes a ‘tour diary’ explaining the ins and outs of each gig, with embeds of the performances.

Stuart Dredge


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