Friday, April 17, 2020

How To Leverage Live Streaming To Find Fans And Build Your Brand In 2020 | Music Think Tank

Let’s face it. It’s harder than ever to get noticed as an artist. You’re competing against 3+ million artists uploading over 40,000 new tracks daily.

Only a handful of artists breakthrough every year, but what about everyone else?

You can continue competing against millions of artists on the same platforms for the same fans. Or, you can try new channels to find new fans and build your brand. 

Imagine being one of the first artists on Instagram when it launched. You’d have millions of followers just for showing up. Nowadays, it’s a struggle for every follow and like.

You can’t go back in time, but you can be a trailblazer for what’s next in music - live streaming in NEXT Music


I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t live streaming just for gamers? No way. Gamers just embraced live streaming faster than artists. 

Gaming streamers like Ninja and PewDiePie are amassing millions of fans, earning millions of dollars and driving billions of views to sites like Twitch and YouTube. While a lot of artist streamers are putting a camera on stage, and expecting new fans to find them. 

Gaming streamers use live streaming to connect and interact with viewers, sharing their gaming experience and intimate details of their lives. While a lot of artist streamers see streaming as another channel to distribute content. 

Music fans don’t want to passively watch a concert and never be acknowledged. They don’t care about a camera on stage.

They want a connection with you, and to feel like they’re part of your crew. Streaming from your home, hotel or studio is much more powerful because you’re opening up your inner world to them. 

That’s the point.

The beauty of live streaming is your direct, raw connection with the audience. With just a laptop and wifi, you can stream into millions of homes around the world. 

The reward is a passionate global fanbase who listens to your music, supports you, and champions your brand to their friends and family. Imagine knowing you have an audience of 100,000 waiting for your next track, your next tee shirt, or next tour date because they believe in you and your music. 

To maximize the experience, you have to interact with viewers to transform them into diehard fans. You have to show up every week. Most importantly, you have to be willing to open up about your music, your creative process, and yourself.  

At NEXT Music, we’re helping artists leverage live streaming to build their brands, find new fans and earn money. 

It’s not like Twitch or YouTube where the audience is there for gaming or just killing time. NEXT Music is packed with millions of music lovers, actively looking to discover and support developing artists. 

Artists can connect with music lovers and turn them into true fans. Passionate fans who will follow you, support you and spread the word about your music. 

Some artists are already making over $200 per hour with one artist making over $700 per hour on a consistent basis. 

We’ve created a free guide for you to learn how to build your brand, find new fans and make money. Get yours here

We can’t wait to help you get your music out to the world. 


Seth Combs is CMO of NEXT Music, which is committed to helping artists build their brands, find new fans and make money. 


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