Thursday, April 16, 2020

Elizabeth Warren For Vice President | Lefsetz Letter

No way, I thought.

Now I’ve been wrong pretty consistently for the past year. I thought a centrist had a chance, and then Elizabeth Warren ate up the airwaves and dominated the polls. Then, Warren shot herself in the foot, by kowtowing to the center, changing her Medicare for All plan, refusing to answer how she would pay for it for far too long, and then Bernie Sanders took the progressive flag and ran with it, and with victory in sight, the DNC and the media circled the wagons, kicked out every Biden challenger and got behind Joe. And it worked!

But no one is excited about Joe. What’s worse is he’s got no traction in today’s Covid-19 world. And when he tries, he fails.

Old Joe wrote an opinion piece in the “New York Times,” how he’d address the coronavirus…AND HE WAS EXCORIATED! You don’t have to read Biden’s original piece, it’s boring, but if you want to, it’s here:

“Joe Biden: My Plan to Safely Reopen America – An effective strategy to beat the virus is the ultimate answer to how we get our economy back on track”

But you do need to read the blowback:

“Critiques of Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Plan”

Now the amazing thing is Joe Biden did his big coronavirus reveal and…crickets. I saw no mention of it outside the “Times” itself. It’s like a classic rocker playing a new tune and the only people who heard it were in the arena, at least those who did not go to the bathroom. We’re hanging on Trump’s every word, but we don’t even want to listen to Joe, even if we’ve decided to vote for him. Joe is the safe candidate, the compromise candidate, the consensus candidate, he’s like the horse created by committee, which is a camel in case you don’t know the aphorism.

Joe’s got no media traction, he doesn’t know how to make news. And he’s too old to figure out social media. The only sunlight he’s gotten recently has been when Bernie, Barack and Elizabeth endorsed him.

And when asked point blank whether she’d accept the VP nomination, last night Elizabeth Warren gave Rachel Maddow an instant, emphatic YES!

But I didn’t buy Elizabeth until I read the piece in the the “New Yorker Today” last night:

“The Case for Joe Biden to Pick Elizabeth Warren As His Running Mate”

Biden has already said he’s picking a woman. But we expected it to be someone significantly younger, who had the same middle of the road positions. As far left as he was gonna go might be Stacey Abrams, but even she’s considered an outlier. Maybe Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, that’s a state in play. Or Amy Klobuchar, she’s got more mindshare. But then I’m reading the article and thinking Gretchen and Amy won’t add anything significant to the ticket.

Now usually the VP is an afterthought. Except for maybe Nelson Rockefeller, who wasn’t even elected, but appointed.

And sure, Biden was picked as the old steady hand to guide Obama, but Biden had failed running for president and he did not come with his own, built-in cadre.

But Elizabeth Warren?

The only people who are attacking her, who hate her, are those on the right, who are never ever going to vote Democratic anyway!

So, all the theoretical baggage Warren has evaporates. Oh, they’ll chant “Pocahontas, Pocahontas!,” but that did not prevent her from being a frontrunner in the Democratic race for quite a while.

As for baggage… Believe me, Hunter Biden and Ukraine have not died in the eyes of Republicans, they’re the new Hillary’s e-mails!

You don’t need to satiate everybody to win, that’d be too bland a candidate to succeed anyway. No, what you need is to excite Democrats to come out and vote. AND ELIZABETH WARREN WILL DO THIS!

I’d finally get excited about the ticket. All the Bernie Bros…they’d sign on. And even Bernie Sanders himself, he’d campaign vigorously if Warren was on the ticket.

So, in one fell swoop, the Democrats would consolidate the party and be on the road to victory. As for Biden-lovers who dislike Warren, believing she’s too far left…that’s not gonna make them vote for Trump.

And one thing we know about Warren is she can eviscerate people in an eye-popping way. Hell, she killed Michael Bloomberg’s candidacy in one debate, he had no idea what hit him! Warren is our attack dog, with good values…everybody’s broke, the “stimulus” is going to the corporations and the rich and we need Medicare for All, or something like it!

As for Covid-19… Read those letters in the “Times.” She got better reviews for her coronavirus plan than Biden!

“Congress Needs a Plan to Confront the Coronavirus. I Have One. Government action is essential to save lives and to rescue our economy. Let’s get back to work.”

Yup, Elizabeth Warren has a plan for EVERYTHING! Laugh all you want, but in an era where Trump seemed to have no plan at all for fighting the coronavirus, Warren’s position looks PRETTY, PRETTY GOOD, as Larry David would say.

And since Warren has a gig, as a senator, she’s at the center of the action, she gets ink, she gets attention when Biden gets none.

Bernie will stop arguing for a push left for the platform. He’ll be instantly quieted, made part of the team. And wait until they unleash Warren on Pence, it’s no contest, TKO.

Biden will be bad with Trump, it’s scary to contemplate a debate.

But if you study history, duels always have a second, hopefully a strong one.

The Democratic convention has already been postponed, most likely it will be canceled, it should be canceled, its only advantage would be an economic boost to Milwaukee and a trip for the delegates, it’s basically a waste of time.

So, Biden should nominate Warren NOW, TODAY, in the middle of the crisis, when everybody’s paying attention.

Biden nominates Warren and she’s in the news every damn day. She’s already a player, time to elevate her to the big leagues.

Once again, I thought it would never happen, that Biden wouldn’t go this far left, he wouldn’t nominate anybody as strong, if not stronger than he is.

And I was fearful of Warren’s baggage, but the whole Ukraine affair didn’t keep Biden from winning the nomination.

This is the way to go, we’ve just got to convince Biden and the DNC.

And just like the media killed Sanders, they could elevate Warren, making it a fait accompli.

Hell, the “New Yorker” is first, who’s next?


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