Thursday, April 16, 2020

Dolly Parton and Laura Marling release surprise albums | Music Ally

Well, in the case of Dolly Parton it’s ‘re-release’ since her “93 Song Surprise” is the digital relaunch of six of her albums from earlier this century. ‘Little Sparrow’ (2001), ‘Halos & Horns’ (2002), ‘For God & Country’ (2003), ‘Live & Well’ (2004), ‘Those Were the Days’ (2005) and ‘Better Day’ (2011) are the six, with the marketing campaign focusing on the “finally available again” angle, with a coronavirus twist: “a refreshing respite from the staleness of the same scenery and the heaviness of life’s realities,” as her website put it.

Meanwhile, British artist Laura Marling has released her album ‘Song For Our Daughter’ digitally five months (!) ahead of its planned release. “In light of the change to all our circumstances, I saw no reason to hold back on something that, at the very least, might entertain, and at its best, provide some sense of union,” explained a note on Marling’s website. The physical versions of the album will come out as planned in September.

Finally, and back to ‘old albums getting a new digital lease of life’ as a theme, Dr Dre’s ‘The Chronic’ will finally be available to stream outside Apple Music soon. How soon? 20 April, which we’re told is an auspicious day for the subject matter


Image by pipilongstockings (CC BY 2.0)

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