Monday, April 6, 2020

Dolby On could help musicians sound better on Twitch livestreams | Music Ally

Audio company Dolby has just launched its Dolby On app for Android, following its earlier release for iOS. It allows users to record high-quality audio and video on their smartphone. More interestingly, however, the company has also announced that the iOS version of Dolby On now works with live-video platform Twitch, enabling users to livestream with Dolby sound quality. That could be good news for the growing number of artists looking to take their home-bound performances to Twitch. Cue canned quote: “Musicians are taking up streaming to connect to fans globally, and Dolby wants to make sure every stream has incredible sound quality,” said Philip Nicol, the director of corporate strategy & development at Dolby Laboratories. “By adding Twitch to our list of live streaming options for Dolby On, our free app, any artist can sound great – even without a home studio or expensive microphone.”


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