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The Generation Gap | Lefsetz Letter

“in the seven states where polls have closed so far, Sanders has led by a median 37 points among 17-to-29-year olds and 20 points among 30-to-44 year olds. But Biden has led by 24 among 45-to-64-year olds and by 33 among seniors.”

“Stark generational divide appears in early exit polls”

It appears Joe Biden is having a very good night, but can he beat Donald Trump?

Sanders polls better against Trump but that is not the story being sold. The mainstream media is selling fear.

I got an interesting e-mail from my newly empty nester friend Liz Nowak:

“The MSM snark against Bernie pro Biden is lost on the millennials. Most don’t have cable and get their “news” from other sources. That is why I feel Bernie has so much of their support.”

I don’t mind voting for Old Joe, I’d like a return to normalcy, wherein I don’t have to think about politics 24/7.

And maybe hatred of Trump runs so deep that Biden will make it.

But his election won’t fix the underlying problems in this country. A vote for Joe is a vote for the status quo, and that’s not working so well for the millennials.

If you’ve been following the mainstream media, they’ve been throwing a Hail Mary pass ever since Saturday night. Buttigieg and Klobuchar folded, the oldsters rallied around Joe and are hoping that everything’s now fine.

But the mainstream media continues to miss the story of unrest amongst today’s youth, who worry about climate change and college debt and the minimum wage and so much stuff that gets back-burnered by the baby boomers as they continue to rape and pillage this country so they can live exorbitant lifestyles which they catalogue online.

Now I’m really scared of Joe debating Donald. On his best days, Biden misspeaks. And no matter what the liability might be, the truth is Joe’s son got a sweetheart deal in Ukraine, and the Republicans have done a good job of painting Joe with it, in a negative way.

Don’t give me the facts. Of course Biden is innocent, but what is the PERCEPTION!

There’s this fiction amongst the Democratic elite that it’s about turning those who voted for Trump last time, the so-called independents. But the truth is they’re gone, because the Democrats abandoned them, and the intelligentsia rallying around Biden to deliver him the nomination are not changing these people’s minds, this is what they hate about the Democrats, that all power comes from the top, the elite, and the rank and file are given lip-service at best, told just like Deborah Dugan that change must be gradual, that you cannot upset the apple cart.

But the youth have been upsetting the apple cart for twenty five years now. These early adopters killed the CD…only oldsters still buy them, they connected on social media first, it’s the youth that have pushed the envelope. Sure, the boomers pick up the scraps, try to imitate the youth, with their expensive smartphones and posting on Facebook, but the truth is the youth have contempt for this generation, which denigrates them at every turn. Yup, the millennials have a short attention span and they’re addicted to their devices. This must be stopped, just like Bernie!

You see the new is the devil. Downsides are focused on. Despite students of the game knowing that something is always lost in the march forward, at least at first, like low-res MP3s and vent windows in automobiles. Hell, you can’t pick up the paper without reading anti-electric car articles, but isn’t it interesting that Volkswagen posted amazing numbers while our American SUV manufacturers are on shaky ground. You see VW woke up, after Dieselgate, they’ve given up on that fuel, VW is second only to Tesla in the electric car world. You see VW cast aside the old wood and prepared for the future. If you think Joe Biden is preparing for the future, then you’ve just been convinced by the mainstream malarkey.

Where is the vision?

Our tech titans were full of it. And there have been negative consequences. But has Congress instituted any change? NO! As for the article above, I found it on the maliciously maligned Twitter. Yup, that’s where tastemakers get their info. Sure, there’s hogwash on the site, but it’s immediate, and millennials know that news can change hourly, they want to keep up, baby boomers are just overwhelmed.

Everything the kids stand for the oldsters hate. Streaming music, hip-hop, the list goes on and on. Isn’t it interesting that rock was killed by the internet. Rappers gave it away for free with mixtapes and Soundcloud postings and when streaming hit its stride, rock was nowhere to be found. Youngsters were never exposed to the rock revolution, they live online, where rock was absent. And at this late date rockers constantly bitch about Spotify payments, even country outstrips rock on streaming services.

And all the mainstream can talk about is the success of Disney+ and the coming of Quibi.

Disney+ gave it away for free, at least to me, with my Verizon unlimited plan, and every millennial has an unlimited plan, to pay by the megabyte is like watching network TV in the era of cable. Sure, tens of millions signed up, but what about beyond that? Netflix keeps making new shows and all the oldsters can say is the company is spending too much money, focusing on the bottom line not knowing the lesson of tech, which is you strive for primacy, kill all comers and continue to innovate, because he not busy being born is busy dying. Remember the boomers going insane when Netflix said it was switching from DVDs by mail to streaming? They want those DVDs! And you know how I can tell you’re a boomer? You send me an MP3, that’s what people did twenty years ago, today you link to a streaming site, which oldsters can’t even do. As for Quibi…youngsters are gonna pay all that money in the era of Tik Tok, where the posters are the stars?

And youngsters abhor e-mail, because of spam, so-called “legitimate spam,” you know, the endless offers you get if you buy anything.

And youngsters leave their voicemail boxes full, or turned off completely, they don’t want to return calls, they don’t want to talk on the phone at all!

No one under thirty ever tells me they want to speak on the phone.

Yet oldsters go on and on about the connection… Well, these youngsters are connecting all day long, this is what the internet has wrought, and it’s much better than the old days when you had to wait for a phone call.

It’s like the sixties all over again, and the fascinating thing is those who actually lived through the sixties don’t get it, they’re too busy protecting what they’ve got. The boomers are narcissism on parade, it’s the youth that care about their brothers and sisters.

Now I’m not sure if Biden gets the nomination that Sanders supporters will vote. Because they will be convinced that their voice does not matter, that the system trumps people, as George Carlin said, the owners of this country don’t want to hear from them, you can vote, but it doesn’t make a difference. Come on, Biden, from Delaware? Everything you hate about corporations emanates from that state, do you really expect Biden to stand up to them? NO WAY!

And the bitch about Bernie is he’s not integrated in the system.

But neither was Shawn Fanning.

Change always comes from outside. And those inside never see it coming. Just read Clayton Christensen’s “The Innovator’s Dilemma.”

And isn’t it funny that the press lauded Jack Welch when it turned out he cooked the books to show steady earnings and left GE dependent upon financial services and it got killed in 2008. If only the company had still been diversified.

Which is the same thing I can say to the Democratic Party. You’ve left too many people out. You think you’re winning, but you’re not.

I will vote for Joe Biden if he gets the nomination. And I hope he wins, but I’m fearful he’ll lose. Because Biden stands for nothing. He’s a compromiser from another era who wants us to return to that time.

You’ve got to give the people hope, that’s the only way you win.

Biden is just the anti-Trump.

And you wonder why the youngsters and those who voted for Trump lost hope.

I’ve lost faith in the “New York Times.” A biased publication that did its best to make Bernie Sanders look like a loser, even when he won.

I’ve lost faith in MSNBC, which is speaking to the monied elite.

I’ve lost faith in the pollsters. We’ve learned in the past month that no one can predict the future, as hard as they might try.

I only have faith in me. Yoko and me, Felice and me, isn’t that what John Lennon said?

Lennon spoke the truth, he said the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, and they were! It was the Beatles who changed society. They paid their dues and they spoke to us. And they were constantly pushing the envelope…an album without a picture on the cover, not even a drawing?

As for those who burned their albums…what were their names again?

Be prepared, the youth are in revolt. And if you think controlling the government gives you power over them…

You’re probably still listening to those damn CDs.


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