Friday, March 20, 2020

Take This Seriously! | Lefsetz Letter

I really don’t want to overload your inbox, certainly not with coronavirus material, which you’re inundated with constantly. But I keep getting e-mail from people who are not taking the threat seriously. Who are leaving the house and visiting with other people.

Let me make it simple… When you get together with somebody, you’re getting together with everybody who ever came in contact with them. Sure, they might not have left the house, but did their housekeeper come? And did the housekeeper drive him or herself or did they take the bus?
Of course you cannot totally immunize yourself from personal contact, you do need food delivery, which is done by humans. (As for the hoarding, this is positively insane, there’s plenty of food, I’d link you to the “Wall Street Journal” story but you either believe me or not. And when you’re hoarding, other people who might need the item you have in bulk have no access to it. You can’t buy distilled water, yet people with CPAP machines need it. As for toilet paper, I’ve heard a few good jokes, you probably have too. 1. If the people are that scared shitless why do they need toilet paper? 2. Trump is so full of shit the country ran out of toilet paper.)

So the story that had the most impact upon me today was this:

“CORONAVIRUS – CA MAN DIES AT 34 – Recently Visited Disney World In Fl”

This guy was from Glendora, in SoCal, not that far from L.A. 34? Read this, heartbreaking.
And then this afternoon, this broke:

“California governor projects ‘56% of state’s population will be infected’ in the next 8 weeks”

I’ve got to ask you, do you feel lucky? Because those are terrible odds. In other words, you’re more likely to get the coronavirus than not. And sure, not all young ‘uns are gonna die like the 34 year old above, but he did. As for oldsters, you’re in the target group.

Now the country at large is clamping down. Florida mayors closed the beaches when the governor refused to, but as the day wore on the governor got on board, well, sorta. My point being that what’s permissible, just outside the lines today, is taboo tomorrow.

Vail, Colorado, a tourist town, is inundated with coronavirus cases. Last I checked, Eagle County, which Vail is part of, had the most coronavirus cases in Colorado. Anyway, the hospital issued a memo today saying how long it’s taking to get test results (3-5 days and getting worse), and the imminent threat of running out of hospital beds

Time To Take COVID-19 Seriously In Eagle County

Now I’ve been hearing all day from right wingers saying the problem did come from China and it’s not Trump’s fault and he’s doing a great job.

You probably saw the pic wherein “corona” is changed to “Chinese” in Trump’s script, but you have to watch the video in this page:

“Sean Hannity denied calling coronavirus a hoax nine days after he called coronavirus a hoax”

Of course the video is funny, but what is vastly more interesting is the WaPo taking a side, no longer employing false equivalencies. Suddenly it’s about what is right as opposed to doing your best to appear fair when there’s no fairness at all.

Don’t commit a crime, there are cameras everywhere.

And don’t try to deny what is already out there, when footage exists.

But please, do not leave the house unless it’s to buy necessities, i.e. groceries and gasoline, your life depends on it.


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