Thursday, March 12, 2020

Rihanna now has a ‘Fenty Beauty House’ for TikTok influencers | Music Ally

We’ve written before about the phenomenon of ‘collab houses’ – it’s when a group of influencers (particularly TikTokers) rent a house and then live there, using it as a base for shooting videos and collaborating. Now Rihanna has one, although at this point it’s for promoting her cosmetics brand rather than her music.

Harpers Bazaar has the story on the ‘Fenty Beauty House’, reporting: “The house is a hub for creators to make content for TikTok, the rapidly growing social media app for short-form musical and comedic videos… Burgeoning TikTok users will be able to ‘raid the fully stocked ‘Make-up Pantry’’ to create their own beauty-focused content with ‘Fenty Beauty spotlighting their creative excellence along the way,’ a press release from the brand says.”

Makayla (who has nearly 290,000 followers on TikTok) and Emmy Combs (4.3 million) were two of the TikTokers attending the launch of the house. And while, as we said, the Fenty Beauty House is very much about promoting the cosmetics, with a new Rihanna album possibly dropping later this year, it’ll surely come in handy to whip up some social buzz around her music too.


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