Thursday, March 19, 2020

MusicWatch report notes growth in US ‘music buyers’ to 116m | Music Ally

Research company MusicWatch has revealed some of the findings from its Annual Music Study, which surveys 5,000 Americans on their music habits. Among those findings: there are now 116 million ‘music buyers’ in the US, the highest total since 2007. That’s a metric covering people who pay for subscriptions and/or CDs, downloads and vinyl.

Meanwhile, MusicWatch says that the US music streaming population reached 204 million people in 2019, while 80 million are estimated to have been paying for a music subscription – up from 68 million in 2018. Note, the 80 million figure is a big difference from the 60.4m paid subscriptions figure reported by the RIAA recently – the latter was an average for the year, and excluded ‘limited-tier’ subscriptions like Pandora Plus and Amazon Prime, so that’ll be the difference.

MusicWatch’s Russ Crupnick told Music Ally that overall per capita spending on music in the US grew by 9% in 2019 to $40.44, and has now doubled since 2015. Meanwhile, the study estimates that streaming is now 39% of all listening in the US, with YouTube the top service. You’ll be able to get more details of how to get the full study from MusicWatch’s website.

Stuart Dredge


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