Monday, March 23, 2020

Music companies share their lessons on remote working | Music Ally

Many of us (Music Ally included) are now figuring out how to run our companies as entirely remote-working businesses.

A couple of music companies with more experience of this have been sharing their lessons, which may be useful.

Merch firm Push Entertainment’s Simon Scott has published a post of “real world things that work for highly functioning teams” from enforced video calls (“As soon as we got eye contact back, people started interacting properly with respect and as a team”) to daily all-hands calls, shared documents, and creating a space to share personal stuff.

Meanwhile, rights-management firm Exploration has also shared its lessons, including a list of handy tools and platforms; improving efficiency (“If a task gets done more than twice in our organization, we make a note to write it out step by step. This creates a sort of operating manual for Exploration”); and some of the simple, practical tips for individual employees to take care of themselves.

Stuart Dredge


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