Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Mixtape site Spinrilla sues RIAA over takedown notices | Music Ally

Usually when US industry body the RIAA is involved in a court copyright dust-up with a website, it’s the industry body doing the suing (or rather, working with labels who are doing the suing). The boot will be on the other foot in an upcoming case, however. TorrentFreak reports that mixtapes site Spinrilla is suing the RIAA over the takedown notices sent by the body to the site.

“Defendant is sending DMCA takedown notices some of which materially misrepresent that audio files uploaded by certain Spinrilla’s users infringe sound recordings owned by RIAA’s members,” claims the website’s lawsuit. “False takedown notices needlessly waste Spinrilla’s time, disrupts its personnel’s work and puts at risk for terminating a user as a ‘repeat infringer’ when in fact the user uploaded non-infringing content.”

It’s claiming that the RIAA is filing takedowns based on text searches of its site, rather than by analysis of the actual audio. The RIAA has yet to comment.

Stuart Dredge

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