Monday, March 16, 2020

Brands resonate most with music video viewers says Vevo | Music Ally

Vevo has (understandably, given its business) spent a lot of time thinking hard about how music videos are watched online – the ‘growth hack the music video’ talk by exec Greg Duffy was one of the highlights of our Sandbox Summit NY conference last year.

Now Vevo has published a report offering a deep dive into ‘The Anatomy of a Video Experience’. It’s an exploration by research firms Magna and IPG Media Lab of how people watch videos across various devices and platforms.

Some of the topline findings may seem obvious: “Consumers are in vastly different mindsets on each video device… Audio attention reigns supreme, even in a video environment… Video co-viewing offers a sweet spot for advertisers” and so on, but it’s interesting to see the data behind those conclusions.

The report also claims, fortuitously for Vevo, that “the music genre is strongly tied to positive moods and high cultural relevance, allowing advertisers to reach music video viewers in moments where their brand message will resonate most”. You can read the full report here.

Stuart Dredge


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