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Tips For Musicians When Performing In Bars | Music Think Tank

 Bars, cover bands and summertime go hand in hand. In almost every town around the world, you will find a club or a bar that hosts live music. This is an opportunity that can enable a band, solo or duo artists to engage with the crowd and make money.


For a nice evening out, many ravers prefer live concert venues; the reason some of the best pubs with live music such as Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai are dotted with back to back nightlife options that showcase local and far-flung talent. Live music, when done right, can uplift the atmosphere and impart originality to an establishment.


Because bars with live music are looking to stage quality acts, what should a musician know before performing?


Stick to the Schedule


In many live shows, you will find a set schedule. Because you will be performing at someone’s gig, it is important that you follow it. The venue operators have reasons to dictate the performance schedule. As a professional artist, you will want to respect that.


Doing so will show the operators that you take your job seriously, and will be more likely to offer you more shows at the pub. Rehearse before the show and perform with conviction and consistency. Making your gig an actual show will engage the crowd.


The Venue Manager is Always the Boss


Remember that diplomacy and tact is the rule of the game. Do not assume that the bar management has similar interests to those of your band. The chances are that you want to entertain and expand your brand as you make more money. It is different for management. The club owner hires a band to boost sales. In many cases, a band is hired for the following reasons:


  • Attract many customers and make them spend as much money in the club as possible

  • Retain old customers

  • Make them want to be back again


If you are able to meet these objectives, you have a high chance of getting more deals at the pub to host live music. While the performance presented must be high-tech, this criterion is not held with much regard by the management. Giving great performance does not necessarily guarantee premiums.


When hiring, the bar manager trusts that he chose a solid sounding band that will help in creating high sales values. If the bar manager approaches you during the performance and asks you to turn the volume down, do just that. It will not do the venue any good if regular customers leave just because they cannot stand the loud music.


Always have a Plan B


When making your booking, find out if you will be provided with sound. Some venues have indoor equipment and sound technician. However, be wary of bars that claim to have sound without a soundman. You may not tell the condition of the gear.


As a professional artist, you must carry your PA system, whether it will be needed or not. Prior to the date of the gig, find out about the size of the stage. This will determine what can and cannot be set up. If the stage is small, your guitar player may need to secure a different area for the large petal board and the six backup guitars.


Understand that equipment problems, unlike musical errors, will be remembered by the people listening to you. In case the power of your PA fails, what should you do? Be prepared and know how to troubleshoot.


Pick the Right Theme


The most crucial element of performing in a pub is choosing the right song. Get familiar with the bar and atmosphere beforehand.


Focus on your genre, the type of gig and the venue. The point is to keep the crowd interested. If the crowd likes your theme, they will be more likely to stay and buy lots of drinks and food. Always remember that not everyone will like what you offer, so focus on the majority.


Target Women


Women like to dance. Likewise, in a pub where women are, you will find men. The catch is, since men pride themselves in spending money to please women, they will stay for long if their women are well entertained.


Do a background check and find out what women like to hear and include the tunes in your gig. The pub management aims to make as much money through cover bands as possible. The more sales a pub makes, the higher the chances of getting hired again.


Be Yourself


Let loose, deliver your message clearly and give your best with confidence. Before the day of your performance, have your gig recorded and get someone to analyse it. This will help you polish up on areas that need improvement. Before going on stage, relax and don’t be afraid to express your emotions through the music.


Final Thoughts

Music lovers enjoy live shows. Whether you are just starting or have been in the business for long, it is vital that you learn how to make your performances epic. Remember, your aim is to make the crowd stop talking over your music and gaze at you with dropped jaws.





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