Thursday, February 20, 2020

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The Orchard Presents: Abhi the Nomad

By Cynthia Timoteo February 20, 2020

The Orchard Presents: Abhi the Nomad

Abhi the Nomad has literally embodied the meaning of “nomad,” growing up all over the world in different communities. He was first introduced to rap while in high school, through his dad who worked out to hip-hop. Abhi soon started making beats on GarageBand and shared them with friends, but he admits they weren’t great. With time and patience, his music grew with him. His music shined with influences from all genres, from Jay-Z to the Arctic Monkeys. Today, Abhi shines on his own merit. 

Growing up in India, China, Hong Kong, the Fiji Islands, and studying in California, he experienced different people and cultures but has seen the same patterns everywhere he goes: waste and trash. His album, Modern Trash, is a cry to the planet and its people: we need to help save our planet. Toxicity divides us physically and emotionally, and we must rid ourselves of the waste we create in order to save our futures. 

We were lucky enough to catch Abhi the Nomad during his travels for a performance in our NYC headquarters! Check it out below:


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