Friday, February 21, 2020

The Glorious Sons-This Week’s Podcast | Lefsetz Letter

The Glorious Sons are a rock band from Canada, where they have scored ten Top 5 rock tracks and have won two Junos (Canada’s Grammys) for Rock Album of the Year. They’re presently on tour north and south of the border, lighting up audiences at every stop. Listen as I talk to the band’s guitarist and lead singer, as well as their manager and label rep. They don’t believe rock is dead. After listening, you might not either!





You might want to fast-forward to 29:30.

The night before we did this podcast, I went to see the Glorious Sons at the El Rey.

It was like the seventies. This was a rock crowd. And half the attendees were women. And when the frontman, Brett Emmons, hit the stage, he played an acoustic number, solo. And then the rest of the band emerged and were instantly firing on all cylinders and Brett became a frontman. You remember rock and roll frontmen, don’t you? Unique individuals who come alive when they’re on stage and the spotlight shines upon them. Brett was animated, exhorting the audience to sing along…and they did, RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SHOW!


Is rock dead? Certainly seems like it. But if you listen to this podcast you might be swayed otherwise.

Unfortunately, Brett and his brother Jay could not do a good job of articulating their history and success. Jay barely speaks. Brett is fully alive, but to a degree he bounces off the walls.

And the night before, when the house lights came back on, I told the manager Jason Murray and BMG representative Nick Attaway I did not want to do a post mortem right then, why don’t they both come on the podcast to explain what’s going on.

I don’t think we ever got to the bottom of the previous night’s show, but we certainly got to the bottom of Jason Murray and Nick Attaway’s perspectives on the Glorious Sons and their own personal histories.

This is not rare. Oftentimes musicians are not articulate off stage. Which is why they need business people to plot and push the buttons. They’re two different sides of the coin. And if you want to be in the music business, you’ll listen to Jason and Nick tell their stories. And they’re all the same, struggling, working hard, refusing to give up, waiting for that one big break.

Jason starts at the aforementioned 29:30.


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