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Creative Fitness Ideas For Musicians | Music Think Tank

Regular exercise can benefit everyone. As a musician, working out keeps you in shape for playing shows and touring. But, it can also help to boost your creativity and focus. It can also boost your self-confidence and improve your overall mental health. As a result, you can make better music and put on better shows. 


Exercise can also help you to stay healthy, whether you’re on the road or just waiting for your next gig. The last thing you want is to have to cancel a performance because of illness. Preventative health is important for a musician, and taking care of your mind and body through exercise and diet can help to keep you strong and even give your immune system a boost. 


Even when you know all of the benefits, though, it isn’t always easy to stick to a workout routine. Or at least, it’s not easy to do when you’re not enjoying yourself. So many people give up on a fitness regimen because they get bored with it. You already know you’re a creative person, so don’t be afraid to use that creativity to power through your workouts! Find different ways of exercising that work for you, so you’ll stay motivated and stick with it. 


Setting Your Goals

Thinking about your fitness goals can make it easier to decide which workouts are right for you. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be all about weight loss or muscle gain. While those things can be included in your health goals, you should also focus on the overall health of your mind and emotions. Exercising regularly can help you to be more mindful and present, and it can also give you more energy to boost your creativity. As a musician, you know just how crucial that can be. 


Your fitness goals should also include possible changes to your diet. It’s important to think about what you eat as fuel for everything you do, including fuel for your art and lifestyle! You can’t create or be inspired on an empty stomach, but you also can’t be as focused on your craft if you’re eating foods that make you feel sluggish and distracted. 


Choosing the right diet for your goals is as easy as making a few swaps to your existing eating habits. Opt for things like whole grains to keep you fuller longer. Fill up on vegetables and fruits, and enjoy lean proteins like chicken and fish. Avoid foods with a lot of preservatives or ones that have been heavily processed. They can slow you down and make you feel fatigued. 


Once you have your goals in place, you can start exploring different, creative workouts that will keep you inspired!

Take Advantage of Your Space

If you’re touring a lot, you may not have a lot of time or space to get in a good workout. So, take advantage of what you do have. Make it a point to see if whatever city you’re in has a gym. When you make working out a priority, you can always make time to hit a local gym for an hour or so. There, you can get in both cardio and strength training. Or, see which gyms across the country offer classes you’ve never tried before, and make a game out of trying something new each time! You might be dancing in a Zumba class on Monday, taking part in cardio drumming on Wednesday, and finishing it up with a sweaty spin class on Friday. 


Even if you can’t always get to a gym, you can still get in a good workout with a little creativity. Stuck on a tour bus? You should still have enough room to do yoga in the aisle or in the back of the bus. It’s a great way to get in some deep stretching and focus on being mindful and relaxed. 


If you don’t have room for weights on a bus or tour van, try resistance bands. They’re lightweight, easy to travel with, and they can be used almost anywhere. You don’t need a lot of space in order to use them and work your muscles. 


Staying in a hotel room? Take advantage of the extra space by getting in a great “home” workout. There are thousands of free workouts at your fingertips online, whether you search for YouTube videos or articles that focus on Crossfit-style routines you can complete in rounds. Simply put, even if you’re in close quarters and busy most of the time, there’s no excuse not to get a workout in. 


Get Outside Whenever Possible

When you’re on tour, you know how important it is to sustain your energy. Things like getting enough sleep, eating right, and avoiding the stereotypes of the “rockstar lifestyle” can help with that. But, exercise is a great natural energy-booster, too. While working out at all is beneficial, there are even extra perks if you can find ways to exercise outside. 


Whether you’re cramped on a tour bus or you’ve been locked away working on a new song, getting outside to exercise can boost your mood and get your creative juices flowing again. If you’re in a new city, allow yourself to play tourist for a day and walk around as much as possible, seeing the sights. You’ll never get bored since there are new things to see everywhere!


If you’re lucky enough to bring your four-legged friend with you on tour, go on hikes and long walks with them whenever possible. The companionship will be another mood-booster, and it’s important to keep your pet healthy on the road, too. Just make sure you’re putting safety precautions in place for them as well, including knowing how to patch up a paw if it gets cut open on a hike. 


There are so many opportunities for exercising as a musician, and finding things that you enjoy doing will help you to stick with a routine. The thing that matters is keeping your body moving. When you commit to a healthier lifestyle, you’re also committing to becoming a better musician. 



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