Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Bloomberg | Lefsetz Letter

What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where Steve Bannon knows more about the Democratic party than the DNC?

Did you watch Bannon on Bill Maher last Friday?

You should.

Of course there’s a lot of insane drivel, but don’t forget it was Bannon who got Trump elected, somehow he had his finger on the pulse of America more than Hillary Clinton and her minions.

So, let me get this straight, the party of the people, of labor, of the underdog, of the big tent, is gonna nominate a Republican oligarch to be President?

Come on, the Democrats rail incessantly against billionaires, income inequality, they want a seat at the table and now they’re going to get behind a man who represents everything they’re against because they think he can beat Trump?

Bloomberg cannot win enough delegates to secure the nomination on the first vote. The math is against him. If Mike Bloomberg wins thirty percent of the delegates on Super Tuesday, a good number, he has got to win sixty four percent of all delegates thereafter in order to pull himself over the threshold, a near impossibility. That’s math, Nate Silver did it. But the Democrats run on emotions, they tend not to go deep, unlike the right, they just go with what feels right, which is why they often lose the debate and the war.

Bloomberg is the man for African-Americans! Yup, Mayor Pete, who couldn’t even keep peace in his own damn city, is discounted because he can’t appeal to black people. But what about Mr. Stop & Frisk?

Now that Bloomberg has bought his way into the race, proving that billionaires are anathema to the process, the spotlight is finally upon him. Let’s see him wiggle his way out of this one. He flipped for the nomination. Isn’t that why Bernie is surging, since he’s been true to his beliefs, been saying the same damn thing for decades?

And you wonder why people don’t vote. They’ve given up hope!

As for Donald Trump, that was a protest vote, by people who felt the government was not working for them. Sure, he was on TV, sure he was supported by white supremacists, sure he had a lot of billionaires on his side, but there were not enough of the foregoing for him to emerge victorious. Talk to your friends, calmly, you’ll be surprised who voted for the Donald. But you’re so busy hating on them you won’t listen to them. Hillary promised business as usual, more of the same, Trump promised change. Forget the truth, the 2016 election is history, even though Trump and Fox News keep squaring off against Hillary, it’s now 2020, and the concomitant feeling is happening on the left. And what do the DNC and the media want to do? SHUT IT DOWN!

This is why Republicans win. The Democratic elites feel they’re better than the rank and file, they don’t want to know them and they don’t want to hang with them. They want to stand behind the velvet rope before they fly private. So, a group of insurgents is fighting for the heart and soul of the Democratic party and what do these insiders do? MAKE SURE IT CAN’T HAPPEN!

The media has been excoriating Bernie since Iowa. It just can’t be. How can a septuagenarian socialist Jew who just had a heart attack be ahead? This has got to be stopped. Biden faded, so let’s push Mayor Pete, the boy wonder, and if that doesn’t work we’ll let Michael Bloomberg buy the election! Yup, that appeals to college students and laborers. Let’s put all our faith in someone we hate, just to beat someone we hate even more.

But it gets even worse. ANY Democrat can beat Donald Trump. Not only do the polls say this, so does Rachel Bitecofer. Who? The woman who called the 2018 election correctly when no one else did.

There are almost no independents.

I say this all the time. People are afraid to admit they’re Republicans. Just ask them…”When did you last vote for a Democrat?” They’ll be scratching their head, and then they’ll say…”Well, I’d consider one.” But they don’t. Furthermore, the same thing exists on the left, independents who always vote Democratic. So instead of fifteen or twenty percent of the public being swing voters, Bitecofer believes it’s really just six or seven percent. So, it’s not about playing to the middle, trying to pull people over the transom to your side, but rather rallying your party, circling the wagons, getting out the vote.

Look at Bitecofer’s numbers. By turning off the Bernie fans and nominating Hillary third party candidates surged, denying Hillary the Presidency. Do you think it can’t happen again? That’s what the DNC is attempting by trying to trip up Bernie through any means possible.

Oh, there’s that word “socialist.” Truth is America is already socialist, can you say Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security? Trump wants to cut the social safety net, how well do you think that’s gonna resonate with people, especially those on the right who were against Obamacare but wanted the government to keep its hands off their Medicare. Let’s see, you work your whole life knowing there’s a pot of money at the end that will help you survive and now the insiders are gonna take it away from you? Never gonna play.

And it’s sixty five degrees in Antarctica yet climate change is not a big issue?

The economy is burgeoning but you can’t make ends meet on your low-paying service job income?

Bernie is speaking English, that’s why he’s got traction.

Of course Bill Maher is afraid of socialism, he owns a piece of the Mets!

Everybody with money is freaking out, afraid they’re going to lose something, which is why they’re getting behind Bloomberg. Yup, when the going gets tough everybody wants to save themselves and their lifestyles, they’ll sacrifice you in a heartbeat. Which is how we got into this mess.

So if the Democrats rally around their candidate, whomever it might be, according to Bitecofer, they’ll win. But by rewriting the debate rules in midstream, speaking of the bad acts of the “Bernie Bros,” what are the odds these people are gonna rally around Bloomberg?

And let’s say Bloomberg gets elected, do you really think he’s going to undercut his fellow oligarchs, turn against his class, suddenly become a bleeding-heart liberal after stop and frisk? ARE YOU NUTS?

Of course I’d rather elect Bloomberg than Trump. But I don’t believe he’ll fix the endemic problems of this nation, the can will just be kicked further down the road. We need radical change. Isn’t that what the last twenty five years have been all about? Did you miss the memo on mattresses in a box, electric cars, glasses via mail, everything shipped to your home, the internet itself? We’ve been through a wrenching transition, and the truth is some people profited handsomely, and many did not. As for those who did not, the winners keep telling them they’ve got a computer in their pocket, they’ve got the means of creation at their fingertips, if they too just put their nose to the grindstone they could win. Meanwhile, best to let the winners run the table and rule.


Steve Bannon on Bill Maher (watch at 6:45 and then wind back to 4:25)

Nate Silver on Bloomberg

“An Unsettling New Theory: There Is no Swing Voter-Rachel Bitecofer’s radical new theory predicted the midterms spot-on. So who’s going to win in 2020?”

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