Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Penny Fractions: How TikTok and Resso Became More of the Same | Penny Fractions

Welcome back to Penny Fractions! New year, new decade, same old newsletter. Well, this week’s newsletter is a bit different since I do go a bit longer than normal by introducing a new section. At the end of last year, I put out a list of my favorite media but this year I’m keeping an ever-growing Google Doc of albums, books, and mixes that I enjoy, in case you’d like to follow. Also, if you asked for a physical copy of ‘Nu-Music: A Gig Economy Solution’ I will be shipping those out shortly! If anyone else wants one, please do let me know because I may do another print run soon.

The last bit of news is slightly sad but necessary. This year, I’ll be taking off a bit more time so that I can focus on other projects and not get too burnt out on the week-over-week process of writing this newsletter. I’m very excited about some upcoming work but it’ll just require me getting a little bit more time to breathe. Well, enough throat-clearing, let’s dive back into the world of TikTok and Resso! 


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