Friday, January 17, 2020

Out Today by The Orchard: Spencer Barnett, Elliot Moss & More | The Daily Rind

Out Today by The Orchard: Spencer Barnett, Elliot Moss & More

By Shannon Silver January 17, 2020

Let’s get this long weekend started by giving you new releases from some of our favorites. This week’s Out Today features; Rising pop artist Spencer Barnett; New York producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer Elliott Moss; And Spanish singer, Isabel Marco.

Spencer Barnett, I’m Fine (Spencer Barnett)

If you don’t know the name Spencer Barnett yet, now’s the time. The 18 year old artist has only released a limited amount of music, but he’s already received praise from early talent watchers. Ones to Watch said “From atmospheric beats, entrancing vocals, to an overwhelming sense of honesty, Barnett’s work is nothing short of infectious.” The rising pop artist just self-released his second EP, I’m Fine. The EP features six songs, two of which have been released for a couple weeks: “I’m Fine” and “Waste My Time”. Kick back to Barnett’s new EP about figuring things out and not taking yourself too seriously. 

Elliott Moss, A Change In Diet (Grand Jury)

Elliott Moss’s latest album A Change In Diet is based on the inevitable concept of change and the dividing line between what he once knew and his future. The album consists of 11 songs exploring the characteristics of change, from liberation to discomfort. The title of the album, Moss stated, comes from the common “first-step” any therapist or nutritionist will tell a patient seeking guidance: Try a change in diet. The album embodies raw honesty, vivid imagery, and sonic spaces that will leave you self-reflecting on your own way of life. Listen to A Change In Diet on all digital platforms now.

Isabel Marco, Nada Será Igual (Carcajada Records)

Isabel Marco’s sophomore album Nada Será Igual (Nothing Will Be The Same) is out now via Carcajada Records. The album’s first single “Desde el Cristal” (“From the Glass”) premiered in December and was viewed more than 100,000 times in the first three weeks! Isabel’s newest album, Nada Será Igual,  was written in a nine-month period: during the pregnancy of her first child. Themes of motherhood and womanhood are beautifully woven throughout the record. The entire album explores concepts of everyday life, such as life in a rural area, motherhood, and climate change. Fall in love with the beautiful music of Spanish artist Isabel Marco’s here.

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