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Out Today by The Orchard: José Feliciano, WizTheMC, & More | The Daily Rind

Out Today by The Orchard: José Feliciano, WizTheMC, & More

By Cynthia Timoteo January 31, 2020

January is coming to a close and this week’s releases are here to help you end on a high note. This week’s Out Today highlights releases from legendary guitarist José Feliciano, rising rapper/singer WizTheMC, and Japanese singer/songwriter MIREI. Read on to see what’s #OutToday and let the music take you on a trip around the world! 

José Feliciano, Behind This Guitar (Anthem Records)

Widely acclaimed “The greatest living guitarist” by critics everywhere, José Feliciano has cemented his legacy in music. Feliciano was born blind in Lares, Puerto Rico before moving to New York City when he was a child. He quickly picked up the concertina, learning only through old records, and performed at The Puerto Rican Theatre in the Bronx at the age of nine! Shortly after Feliciano taught himself how to play the guitar, again only using records as his teacher. More than sixty years later, Feliciano has accumulated forty-five Gold and Platinum records, nineteen Grammy nominations, and nine Grammy Awards! His new EP delivers elegant guitar melodies and breezy vocals that encompass his remarkable career. Sit back and relax to Behind This Guitar, out now. 

WizTheMC, Growing Teeth (NHMS)

South Africa native WizTheMC began exploring his passion in music at fifteen, when he moved to Germany with his family. Wiz and his friends formed the collective NOHOMES in the summer of 2015, but Wiz was the only one to pursue music after the season ended. After a passion-fueled move to Toronto, the rapper/singer connected with local artists and has incorporated what he learned into his music today. Wiz has exclusively produced, written, directed, and designed his past projects but has opened up to collaboration on his new project. Wiz infuses his raspy vocals with sensationally multifaceted delivery on his new mixtape Growing Teeth, that transcends the Pop/Hip-Hop world with exuberance and versatility. 

MIREI, Take Me Away (Cool Japan Music, Inc)

Twenty-one year old Japanese singer/songwriter MIREI charms with her ethereal voice and stunning emotional lyrics. Through the sound of ‘90’s inspired R&B bangers, MIREI dives into important subjects such as the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, patriarchal oppression, and mental health awareness. MIREI’s latest release, Take Me Away, is the singer’s first-ever English-language release! The album was produced by classically-trained musician Zak Leeker, who’s earned recognition from music superstars like Diplo. On her English-lanugage debut, the twenty-one-year-old artist draws inspiration from her experience as a young woman in Tokyo, showing both sides of Japan’s capital city. Deep dive into Take Me Away, out now!

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