Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Penny Fractions: A Correct History of Music Streaming | Penny Fractions

Hello, welcome back from the holidays! This year a number of industries (art workers, illustrators, baristas) started Google Docs or websites to disclose salaries. Last month, two new spreadsheets emerged within the fields of journalism and advertising. Salary transparency is a small way of showing worker solidarity, so thanks to the thousands of people who’ve contributed to these latest sheets. 

In my last newsletter, I mentioned I was working on an essay (NuMusic: A Gig Economy Solution) and was going to have a small get together for its release. It’ll be held at Molasses Books in Brooklyn, New York, on December 11th at 8pm. A few of y’all reached out to say you can make it, so looking forward to that. Leading up to next week’s event, the following two newsletters will feature essay excerpts. Today’s portion attempts to give a brief, very brief, history of digital music streaming, so hope y’all enjoy it. 


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