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TikTok Marketing For Indie Musicians | Music Think Tank

So, what this sensation that we know as TikTok is? Well, even after being the most downloaded app, most people out there do not understand the concept of this app to the core. They surely know that there is an app named TikTok but what it is and what it does is something they scratch their head about. This article is devoted to what TikTok is, how users add music to their videos, and also how can a user market their music using TikTok marketing!


What is TikTok?

In simple language, TikTok is an app where people make and share short videos. By videos, we mean that you can choose a sound you want and then lip-sync or act accordingly. It could be a an acting video,  a dance video, or something else. Formerly, it was known as musically and was extremely popular among the audience. This was created in China in 2016, where it is known as Douyin. It is quite different from other social apps in. that all posts are videos and most use music as a central component. There are other differences as well, for example, unlike Snapchat and Instagram lets you make square video stories, TikTok videos are tall. Also, here on this app, you do not navigate by tapping or swiping but scrolling up and down. It is like any Instagram feed except TikTok feed have videos made by people worldwide using TikTok.

TikTok has tried taking every possible aspect that a video creator might need and hence added all types of tools for users such as filters and a huge variety of sounds to choose from. Many users have loved how they can perform a duet (at least virtual), with their favorite celebs who use TikTok or make response videos for them. This feature lets users duplicate videos of the person they wish to and add themselves alongside. Here, if you want to make a lip-sync video, you can make a video ranging between 3-15 seconds while if you wish to make a short loop video, then it can range from 3-60 seconds.

In 2018, it smashed all the records and became the most downloaded apps in regions of the U.S. and since then it has been available in about 150 markets varying in almost 75 languages. If we exclude the Android installs in China, TikTok together with Douyin hit 1 billion downloads globally.



How do users add music in their TikTok videos?


Audio-post production is a very popular industry that is in huge demand and people involved in it get paid in huge amounts as well. Well, TikTok made it easier for people to do that in very simple steps. Though the following instructions are perfect for the Apple users they are very similar to the android version.


  • Press the + button in the bottom navigation to open up your camera and record a video clip. Once you’ve added all the clips you want, click the checkmark.
  • Then, tap the “Sounds” option where you will select the soundtrack that you wish to add in the video. There, you will see a “More” option where you can search TikTok’s music library and choose a song. If you have done it right, an audio track will appear on your video.
  • You can position the audio until it syncs with the video. This might take a while because syncing audio with video is a difficult job.


How do you add your music to TikTok sounds?

Well, when you see people being crazy for some music on TikTok and using that to make videos, you wonder if you can add those lovely music collections of yours on the app as well. You can do this using DistroKid following some easy steps. This procedure will be free and your music will be available to everybody for use. Independent artists have been using it a lot lately.


Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • New music: you just need to select the option “TikTok” when you upload your music to DistroKid.
  • Old music: sign yourself into DistroKid. Click your album there. Then, click “add to more stores and choose TikTok there “Click “Add” and you will have successfully uploaded your music.


How to market your music? 

After you have successfully added your music to TikTok, it is no use if people will not see or use it. How are they supposed to do that if you do not have a lot of followers on the list? Here comes the value of TikTok marketing. If TikTok marketing is done right, anything is quite possible. You just need to know how to sell what you want to sell. Here are some of the tips for that purpose:


  • The first way to do it is to find the users on TikTok with huge fan following who might be interested in using your music for their videos. Some of them might even sell their service to you because of the popularity they have earned. You can go and try to connect them over other social apps and negotiate the payment terms.
  • Or the simpler way is to use the Herd’s services for TikTok marketing. They will perform the above-mentioned step because they already have a list of the most popular influencers on TikTok and also negotiated the prices with them. They help you grow the audience for your release and even fund your release. They help you jumpstart your growth and stream everywhere on TikTok. For more info, visit

So, this was a small preview of the popular app “TikTok”. With all the features and tips, you can easily use this app now.


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