Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Iceland’s Music Scene Is (Still) Punching Above Its Weight | AWAL


Jet to Reykjavik, mythical Iceland’s coastal hub, and your first airport music encounter will in all likelihood involve some timely mix of whatever stateside hip-hop heads are obsessing over at the moment. Joe and the Juice — a Danish health food chain that feels like it’s straiiiight outta Malibu — is omnipresent. By this writer’s count, no less than four of the shops hold court throughout the terminals. This means Joe and the Juice and its four sets of speaker systems soundtrack the entire arrival / departure experience. That means the kids behind the counter, mostly natives who could not possibly be any older than 25, are the would-be DJs playing the new Frank Ocean song that dropped just a few days ago. Welcome to a world both wonderful and strange, where aspiring artists drive by untouched glaciers with Rap Caviar on blast. 


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