Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Remembering Digial Music Pioneer Jay Frank: His Hypebot Articles & Interviews | hypebot

image from www.musicweek.comUMG senior executive Jay Frank, who passed away this week, was a digital music visionary. Frank often understood streaming's long term effects on artists and the music industry years before the rest of us. To celebrate Jay and share a fraction of his insights, we've compiled a sampling of his key Hypebot interviews and contributions.

Jay Frank On How To Create Hits,  Build A Next-Gen Label

Interview: Jay Frank of Futurehit.DNA & CMT (Pt. 1)

Interview: Jay Frank of Futurehit.DNA & CMT (Pt. 2)

Jay Frank: Algorithms Can't Pick Hits

Understanding Spotify: Access Over Ownership 

Jay Frank Launches DigSin: A Next-Generation Label

Jay Frank: It's Not Spotify's Fault That You Make So Little Money

Universal Music Names Jay Frank SVP Global Streaming Marketing, Partners In DigSin And DigMark

Jay Franks Dies, Age 47, Leaving "An Immense Legacy" says Lucian Grainge

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