Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Enjoying Your Outdoor Music Festival Experience | Music Think Tank

Outdoor music festivals include more events and adventures than just seeing your favorite bands in concert. Whether you’re traveling to another state to attend a week-long celebration or simply heading to a concert series at a local beach, you’re sure to discover a multitude of new sounds, sights and music fans. Plan ahead to ensure you’re not only prepared to enjoy the new experiences, but also to stay healthy, happy and safe throughout the occasion.


Have a Home Base

Although the music festival may be far from home, consider driving to the venue so you’ll have your vehicle nearby. If you have a mid size truck, for example, pack it with necessities such as spare clothing and shoes, bottles of water, healthy snacks for energy such as granola bars, nuts, jerky or dried fruits, and a first aid kit. If you’re camping out, include items such as sleeping bags, lanterns, tarps, blankets and even a solar shower. By bringing such necessities in your car, you’ll be able to have the emergency supplies on hand so you can access them quickly.

Familiarize Yourself

Once you reach the festival site, immediately locate important areas before it gets too crowded or dark. Get to know where not only the stages are located, but also where you can find the medical and information tents. Locate the nearest exits so you can head there in an emergency, and always choose a designated spot where you can meet up with friends in case you get separated. You can prepare in advance by studying the event website to discover where important facilities are situated.

Stay Hydrated

Although you might be planning to drink alcoholic beverages while you enjoy the music, also be sure to stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Ensure you’re getting even more than the recommend amount of liquids each day to prevent dehydration, particularly if you’ll be standing in the direct sunlight throughout the festival. Most venues offer stations conveniently located around the site where you can refill water bottles throughout the event.

Take Safety Precautions

Although you’re at the festival to enjoy the bands and spend time with friends, take measures to protect yourself to ensure you only bring home good memories. Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays and sunburn and find shade whenever possible to help cool off. Protect your hearing by wearing earplugs or even small, noise cancelling headphones — particularly if you’re close to the speakers — so you’ll be able to enjoy these festivals for years to come. In addition, if you plan to drink, consider doing so in moderation so you don’t put yourself in a susceptible position and be sure to keep an eye on your food and drinks at all times to ensure no one tries to put a harmful substance in them.

Watch Your Belongings

Although you want to look your best, consider leaving valuables such as jewelry, designer goods and tech devices at home. Beware of where your wallet, keys and cell phone are at all times such as carrying them in a fanny pack or backpack that you can hold in front of you. Avoid storing items in your back pockets where they can easily be stolen while you’re distracted by the crowds and bands.

Travel in Packs

Although it may seem that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded fans who love the same bands that you do, it’s a good idea to attend the festival with a large group. You’ll be able to look out for one another, keep track of one another’s belongings and have designated drivers if anyone expects to drink at the event.

Music festivals are known for gathering well-known bands, partying with other fans, showing off new fashions and buying exclusive merchandise. Spending a few carefree days at a renowned event can be an amazing and life-changing experience. Just be sure to be prepared and take precautions to ensure it changes in a completely positive way.





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