Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Spotify For Artists App Gets A Makeover, Real-Time Stats | hypebot

Spotify For Artists appSpotify for Artists is releasing a revamped app for both iOS and Android today. The new app rolling out this week includes a refreshed design, a new “home” tab with access to resources, personalized artists milestone updates and expanded real-time stats for both current listeners and new releases.

Spotify For Artist app users can now see their user stats, learn more about how to market on Spotify and manage their profiles. 

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New Spotify For Artists App Highlights and Features

  • Spotify Listener StatsReal-time listening stats for the first week after a new release goes live. For the first time in the app users can see how many listeners are playing their tracks across the world at any given moment.
  • Spotify is also making it easier to track important milestones like when you an artist gets added to a playlist or get new followers.
  • New stat visualizations: view the latest stats for all your songs and playlists
  • In a new app Home tab, Spotify has added recommendations for articles and videos to help get the most out of Spotify For Artists including how to read data and presentations from Spotify's Co.Lab events as well as product updates and advice from top successful artists
  • Manage your profile or a roster of artists:  Users can manage profile images, bios, playlists, and Artist’s Picks form artists page shown below. It’s now also easier to switch between artists from any page in the app.
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