Wednesday, September 11, 2019

See five videos Apple dropped to promote the iPhone 11, Watch Series 5 and more | Advertising Age

Apple just unveiled its latest slew of wares, making that gadget you bought a few months ago feel very outdated. Take, for example, the iPhone. Remember when Animoji and Portrait Mode were cool? Now, with the iPhone 11, there are dual cameras! Night mode! Water resistance for 30 minutes and up to 2 meters! The brand showed off those new features in a high-energy spot directed by Kim Gehrig of Somesuch, with "Brazooka" by NVDES as the soundtrack.

Even without Jony Ive at the helm, design still sings at Apple. That’s evident in the brand’s balletic event opener in which depictions of its products and tools twirl, tango and spin about. It’s a bit reminiscent of the gorgeous “Intention” film from 2013, and not as flashy as the retro Hollywood-style intro from the event earlier this year when the company announced the Apple TV+. Les Gordon's "Flirting With June" provides a lilting sonic backdrop.

Apple also wants to remind us that its devices can save lives. It illustrated that with a two-minute film in which the company reconnected with Apple Watch customers who reached out directly to Tim Cook with words of gratitude, because wearing the device literally helped keep them alive. 

Another high-energy ad reinforces the fact that yes, the next-gen Apple Watch (Series 5) is a watch and actually tells time. But it does so many other things: It communicates with satellites, gets you onto subways, checks the status of your heart and opens doors, though it does NOT open portals to other worlds (there is a scene in the film that imagines if it did). Vampire Weekend's "Sympathy" is the track on this one.


Finally, Apple has been doing recaps of its big events for four years now, but this new one feels a bit more "recappy," with a distinctive voiceover revisiting the big moments and takeaways. Curiously, the voiceover sounds a lot like the company’s VP of Marketing Communications Tor Myhren.  (We’re checking on this.)


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