Friday, September 13, 2019

Feeling Like A Manager For Your Own Band? 4 Tools To Help Keep Things Organized | Music Think Tank

When it comes to being in a band, it isn’t uncommon for one person to feel as though they are doing the majority of the work. While band leaders often spearhead most projects and communique, this role can take its toll on the band and lead to issues down the road. With the help of the following four tools, every band member can better organize their group.

Sync Band Members’ Cloud Calendar

Band members that just can’t seem to get on the same schedule should go ahead and sync their calendars. By using the cloud to sync all members’ calendars, everyone in the band can stay on top of upcoming gigs, practices, and anything else that may otherwise be forgotten. After everything is synced, make sure each person has their calendar equipped with notifications and reminders as this will make showing up to every important event that much easier.

Use Text Request 

Group texts with various cell phone providers can get complicated. From messages that never send to texts that are missing key pieces of information like pictures or videos, bands need a better way to communicate with one another. With the help of services like Text Request, band members can easily send and receive picture messages, send group messages, and use the same phone numbers. With this type of SMS service provider, band members have no excuse not to stay in touch with one another. 

Get an AI Assistant 

AI assistants aren’t just for CEOs and business owners. Bands can take advantage of this AI technology with virtual assistants on their phones, laptops, tablets or other devices. Using the likes of Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant can help everyone in the band stay on top of their personal lives as well as keep all band-related projects and responsibilities together. Whether band members use Siri for reminders or Google Assistant to make appointments, using AI for these basic tasks will make anyone’s life more efficient. 

Use Special Email Services

Most bands rely on email newsletters to connect with their followers and fans. These emails share information about new music, upcoming shows, or any other information that fans should be aware of. While bands can send emails manually to each person on their list, this is essentially a waste of time. With the help of email services like MailChimp or SparkPost, band members can centralize all their email marketing efforts and save time and energy for other tasks.
Just like small businesses, bands must be on top of their communication and marketing efforts if they hope to succeed. If you’re tired of managing every aspect of your band yourself, be sure to try these four tools to get everyone in your band on the same page.



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