Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Why You Need To Pay Heed To Your Alcohol Intake At A Concert | Music Think Tank

It’s common knowledge that concerts and cold brew go together like peanut butter and jelly. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink while swaying to the music, most people rarely stop at one, or even to two for that matter. Most concert goers get so caught up in dancing to the music and having a good time, one drink quickly turns into three or more. Unfortunately, not only can this cause a massive hangover, it also puts you at risk for serious injury. Whether you’re rocking out or get down and dirty, here are four good reasons why you should limit your alcohol intake at your next concert.

Hangovers Aren’t Fun

Even if you’ve danced until dawn with a cold one in your hand before, that doesn’t mean that this time you won’t feel the pain tomorrow. Alcohol has a funny way to tricking you into thinking that just one more is okay. Unfortunately, the next morning, those fine feelings from last night can quickly turn into nausea, vomiting and can even result in you missing work.

Become a Victim of Theft

In addition to feeling like your head is spinning, going overboard with the booze also makes you the perfect victim for theft. After all, everyone knows that the more you drink, the less you pay attention to things around you. Pickpockets and even more volatile criminals can spot you a mile away.

Increased Risk of Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you drive, consuming too much alcohol at a concert also opens the door for serious, if not life-threatening car accidents. Somehow, alcohol also convinces us that we’re completely capable of driving after drinking. This, as you know, is completely untrue and can lead to you either needing a bail bonds agent after you’re stopped for DUI, or you being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. If you plan on drinking, play it safe and designate a driver the next time you go to a concert.

You Don’t Really Enjoy the Music

Although it may sound crazy, drinking too much also takes away from the concert you paid to see. Sure, having one drink relaxes you and puts you in the mood to just dance the night away. However, too much of a good things actually takes away from you enjoying the tunes.

Believe it or not, going to see your favorite group live is worth staying sober for. Have fun and enjoy yourself without getting sloshed. Trust us, your head, wallet and even car insurance company, will thank you in the morning.

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