Friday, August 9, 2019

Preventative Health Tips For Touring Artists | hypebot

2While the prospect of taking your music on the road is certainly an exciting one, and a dream of many artists, life on tour - in addition to being an eye-opening adventure - can also be incredibly stressful, and put a significant strain on both your mental and physical health.


In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Dan Matthews offers some key preventative tips for artists seeking to protect their mental and physical health while facing the strains of the touring lifestyle.

"Once your oral health has been taken care of, consider other aspects of your health that may need to be addressed while on tour. For instance, where will your meals be coming from? Eating well is another important factor that may affect your on-stage performance, and a diet that’s heavy on fried foods and starches can actually zap your energy. You may also want to start up a daily exercise routine prior to touring. Studies show that exercise may make you a better musician, improving your creativity while also boosting your self-confidence."

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