Thursday, August 15, 2019

Preparing Your Band For Their First Major Show | hypebot

5When you land you first major show as a band, it's a big deal, and a sign that your group could be moving towards bigger and better things - but it can also trigger some serious nerves and anxiety. So how do you guide your bandmates to make sure your first major performance goes off without a hitch?


In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, Anica Oaks offers some key pointers on how to properly psych up (or psych down) your band in advance of their first big performance.

"If you really want to build up the hype for your first big gig without bringing on more anxiety, just put all of your focus on that gig. Don’t worry about what happens next. Don’t worry about what happens if something goes wrong. Instead, center all of your conversations on what’s going to happen at that particular gig. If you can keep your focus, you’ll stay excited and stop worrying about the future."

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