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What is Quora?

Quora was founded by two former Facebook employees Adam D’ Angelo and Charlie Cheever. It is a question and answer based forum, where nearly 100 million people visit each month to post questions or get answers. More than 38 million questions have been asked on Quora by now. People from multiple streams visit Quora to share their ideas, experiences, knowledge and more. Quora has become a small search engine for answers of any kind.

How is Quora different from Reddit and Yahoo! Answers?

 Reddit is more informal, casual kind while Quora is a more formal discussion forum having more monitoring.
A very interesting response was posted on Quora by a user.

 Check it out…

Quora answers are even published in top publications like Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur and more. Yahoo has not attracted that level of quality people to answer the questions. Quora even got a few good ones from Silicon value to answer. Well, undeniably Quora tops the benefits.

 Now the question is how you can direct a slice of Quora’s 100 million traffic for your business gain.

How to Promote on Quora?

 For promotion on Quora, you need to know how the answers are rated and traffic gained for specific answers.
Beneath every answer, you would find an upvote and downvote functionality and a sharing option like the one shown below

The sharing option allows you to share with Facebook, Twitter, copy the link, embed the answer either in your blog posts, articles, etc and along with with that share the answers.

 Now you can promote specific answers in exchange for a payment. You can suggest any edit to the answer and so on.

During the initial stages when you have just created your profile, keep the budget low and increase the days for which the promotion is done. After sometimes, increase the budget and decrease the number of days for which promotion is being done for the answers. This way, you will get a clear idea, how much to invest, what is the visibility acquired, given your company goals.

The basic question is how all these relate to the business promotion of yours.

 Josh fetcher – a top Quora writer fetched some 100,000 views. So if Josh had been a writer for your organization, you can well estimate, how many leads he would have generated for the company business.

 Now herein lies the second difficulty level. Quora doesn’t support blatant promoting of your organizations unless and until you have provided relevant answers and help to the Quora Community.

 So, Guys, you need to answer the questions.

 If you have been serving the Quora community for long with best answers and solutions, promotion becomes quite easy.

How to create your Quora Profile and start promoting?

 The only requirements that your legal company needs to fulfill for creating a Quora account are

l It must have 3 members

l A website to identify you

 You would be required to share spaces or common areas around your business and select categories where your business or interest area lies.

 (a ) Steps to afford after your profile is created:

 Increasing the authority of the account.

On Quora, you can write an answer to a question from your feed or a question page by clicking the “Answer” button.

Why do we read some writers more than others? Because they are famous, right. Well, the path to fame in Quora lies with

Consistently posting highly relevant answers for quite sometimes.

  • Don’t post any promotional content for the first month.
  • Read the service-related questions and answer it from an expert’s point.
  • Don’t look for upvotes and likes initially
  • Build your authority with regularly positing answers over some time. This is what I call the incubation period.
  • Make your answers detailed and a bit long, with shorter paragraphs and bullet points.
  • One basic mistake that writers do is not formatting the write-up. Ensure that your write-up is clearly formatted and grammatically sound.
  • Don’t beat around the bush. Straightaway answer the question. 
  • Provide the answer in 1-2 lines. Then detail out the argument and conclude.

 (b ) Finding your domain questions.

 Try to answer questions most relevant to your domain and industry.

Approach questions which have already gained good viewership. Readymade traffic is waiting for you then. 

 (c ) Your Authority

 While creating your profile, state your credentials relevant to the domain you are answering.

For example, a mobile engineer would be considered a higher authority to answer questions on iPhone X features and so on. So if your business is in Electronics, a profile of Electronic Engineer, electronics Hardware Manufacturer, a Ph.D. professor teaching electronics would be more relevant.

 (d ) Personalize your feed.

 Quora shows you what you want to see or has been seeing. For example, if you are checking answers at random on different software, computer peripherals, laptops, keyboards, questions related to IT and Computers will show up on your feed. So the activity you are doing on Quora decides what you get on your feed. The best part is to go on searching for questions and answers regarding the services you offer. Ensure that you do the maximum related search for your domain.

Add Quora Extender for Chrome or Firefox whichever, you are using to better personalize your feed.

 (e ) Let Promotional content be blended with the answers, right way

 After one month of just answering without promotional content, blend in the promotions in the right way. You just need to keep one thing in mind “ your answers are accepted till the time Quora community benefits from it.”.

 (f ) Allow certain activities through your settings.

 In the privacy section of your setting, you need to click on a few options, so that your answers are equally taken upon by other search engines. To make your posts interactive and two-way communication, allow other people to comment on your posts and people of different language to interact. These few setting changes increase your reach.


 Never be rude to someone or mock someone however naive the question or answer may be. Politeness and tactic in answering are appreciated by Quora. Otherwise, the distribution may get blocked.


If you are starting a thread on any topic, ensure that you have full expertise on it. That way all the threads you have started become quality threads and are taken in a positive note by Quora. Quora promotes or increases the distribution of an expert writer having quality answers on multiple threads.


 Slight humor in a positive way can raise the level of interest in answers but sarcasm may completely backfire on you. Consider all possibilities


 I know an organization that pasted its company’s links and posted company offers on every answer whether required or not. The result, their account got blocked. Not all answers demand your company. Your profile bio stating your company’s name is more than enough sometimes.

If someone asks how to recover my password for Gmail or others, you are just going to state how to do that. Of course, even as a computer parts manufacturer, you are not going to state that we are giving 30% off on computer peripherals.


 Too many answers posted during a short period may block your account. It is better to post answers frequently and in moderate amounts, rather than positing too many at one time. Do not radically increase the number of answers within a very short time frame. It triggers the algorithm and your account may be blocked.


 If you are a computer peripherals manufacturer, where do you find the most asked questions by your customers Off Course! On Google.

Visit the Google suggested FAQs.

 Type in Computer peripherals. You will get a set of Questions.

Start with these questions, and then progress to related threads. This way you are catering to the vicinity of the maximum asked questions.

Quora’s Answer Distribution Machinery
A number of answers do count: A new writer is given limited distribution. Quora always gives more preference to prolific and long term writers. The mantra is to keep on writing and posting relevant answers for long.

Answers on a particular topic: If you cover all the questions in a domain or a particular topic, it is better. A writer writing on all questions related to chemistry, biology, physics, and multiple other subjects would get more viewership in education space.

Lengthy answers: The Quora system assumes that a long answer is much more detailed and completely answers the questions. Hence long answers are preferred over shorter ones by Quora. The logic is simple -quora considers the 360-degree area of a question, which demands long answers.

The number of followers counts: The more people follow you, the more viewership, you are provided by Quora. 

Keep a tab on upvotes/downvotes: Quora reduces distribution if downvotes are there. So the best way is to get as many upvotes on your answers. 


 For keeping your reputation on Quora, you need to keep a tab on a few metrics

 (a) Upvote/Views-— If you find that very fewer upvotes are there as compared to views, delete the answers or reframe it to answer the questions. This needs to be a periodic activity of every organization.
(b) CTR- The number of people who opens up your answer to reading after reading the first two exhibited lines. The more the entire answer is read, the more the CTR. The best way to do it is to provide a punch in your first sentence. This way people would be interested to know more and open up the answers.

 Check out how one of the most read writers in Quora introduced the answer in the first line.

( C) Increase/decrease in your views and up-votes per question.

This helps you analyze whether you are answering the right way and whether the users are able to gain the value of it.
All these tips and steps would surely help you ace business promotions through Quora.

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