Friday, August 16, 2019

How To Keep The Headliners At Your Summer Music Festival Safe | hypebot

2If you're responsible for putting on any kind of outdoor festival or concert, there are a number of important logistics to keep track of. Among them is making sure your performers are kept happy and healthy. In this piece, we look at what you can do to keep your event headliners safe, and taken care of well enough to ensure they're willing to come back again next time.


In this most recent contribution to MusicThinkTank, contributor Rachelle Wilber advises event organizers on what steps they should take to promote the safety and happiness of headlining artists.

"Security guards can do a lot to keep people safe at major events. If you want to safeguard your event headliners, then you should hire a trusted and seasoned security guard. A security guard can monitor the performers while they’re on stage. They can monitor unauthorized individuals who try to get backstage and into their dressing rooms, too. Make a point to recruit a security guard who is motivated and detail-oriented."

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