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Top 30 Instagram Influencers - How Much Money Do They Earn? | Music Think Tank

The days when social networks used to be only channels of communication are long gone. Today, Instagram and other platforms are powerful marketing tools that enable popular users to earn a lot of money. Building a career as an Instagram influencer can turn out to be a profitable move because:



Now the real question is: Who are Instagram influencers and how much do they earn? Since there is no one single answer to this question, we decided to explain the concept of Instagram influencer marketing and present you the top 30 influencers. Let’s take a look!


How Instagram Influencing Works?

Before we show you the list of the 30 most popular Instagram influencers, we want to explain this marketing phenomenon and show you how it actually works.


By definition, social Influencers are social media users who have both a large social reach and the power to persuade others by virtue of their industry credibility. In other words, the two components that make an Instagram influencer are professional credibility and follower count. The logic is clear – users trust a person who is widely recognized as the key opinion leader in any given niche.


This is the same in every other industry or business.


However, it still doesn’t mean that all influencers are the same. We recognize three different types of Instagram influencers are each one comes with a special set of traits and features. Here they are:


  • Micro influencers: Just like the name suggests, micro influencers are Instagram users with a limited number of fans (usually up to 10 thousand). However, they establish themselves as serious niche authorities and strongly impact their fans’ opinions and actions. They have by far the highest engagement rate, which makes them perfect for brands willing to drive conversions. A study claims that 97% of micro-influencers charge less than $500 for a sponsored Instagram post.

  • Power middle influencers: The second type of Instagram influencers can be found between micro influencers and genuine Instagram celebrities. Power middle influencers can have up to 100 thousand followers. They can also drive engagement, but the sheer number of followers also gives brands a lot of exposure. Studies show that influencers with 50 to 100 thousand followers charge up to $1,000 per post, while those with more than 100 thousand fans charge at least $1,000.

  • Macro influencers: The third Instagram influencer cohort is reserved for celebrities with millions of fans. They are mostly athletes, musicians, or starts from the show business. What they charge per Instagram post depends on negotiations, but here comes a little hint - Kim Kardashian reportedly charges over $250 thousand for an Instagram photo.


Top 30 Instagram Influencers

Now that you know a thing or two about influencers, we want to focus on the most popular Instagram users. All of them are members of the macro influencer group, but let’s check them out one by one here.


  1. Huda Kattan @hudabeauty: A world-famous blogger earned 37 million Instagram fans.

  2. Amanda Cerni @amandacerny: Amanda is an actress with 25 million followers on Instagram.

  3. Cameron Dallas @camerondallas: With more than 21 million followers, Cameron is one of the most influential male Instagram celebrities.

  4. Zach King @zachking: Zach attracted over 20 million followers with his magic tricks.

  5. Liza Koshy @lizakoshy: A Vine and YouTube star reached a staggering 17.8 million Instagram fans.

  6. Chiara Ferragni @chiaraferragni: With almost 17 million fans, Chiara is one of the most famous fashion designers.

  7. James Charles @jamescharles: A popular makeup artist has 15.4 million followers.

  8. Michelle Lewin @michelle_lewin: A Venezuelan model enjoys a fan base of 13.4 million.

  9. Nikkie De Jager @nikkietutorials: Makeup tricks earned Nikkie over 12 million fans.

  10. Jake Paul @jakepaul: Jake is a multitalented Internet star with 12 million Instagram fans.

  11. Nash Grier @nashgrier: Video production on Vine brought Nash 10 million followers.

  12. Lilly Singh @iisuperwomanii: Lilly is an entertainer with 8.8 million followers.

  13. Julie SariƱana @sincerelyjules: A beautiful Latina influencer has 5.2 million fans.

  14. Andrea Russet @andrearussett: This LA-based vlogger is followed by 4.3 million users.

  15. Lily Maymac @Lilymaymac: Australia-born Internet personality has 3.9 million fans.

  16. Rickey Thompson @rickeythompson: Rickey is a Vine veteran with massive Instagram follower count (3.8 million).

  17. Caspar Lee @caspar_lee: Caspar is a multitalented person, entrepreneur, vlogger, and actor. He has 3 million followers on Instagram.

  18. Jack Morris @doyoutravel: A traveling guru is also an Instagram influencer with 2.7 million fans.

  19. Kelsey Calemine @fatherkels: Kelsey is a fashion and hairstyle influencer with 2.3 million followers.

  20. Summer Mckeen @summermckeen: As a fashion vlogger, Summer attracted more than 2.2 million fans.

  21. Luka Sabbat @lukasabbat: Luka became a model in 2015 and it soon earned him 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

  22. Demi Bagby @demibagby: With 1.7 million fans, Demi is one of the top fitness and self-improvement influencers.

  23. Talitha Girnus @mr.pokee: There is a place on the list for a hedgehog, too! Mr. Pokee has 1.4 million followers.

  24. Ling K Tang @ling.kt: Another fashion guru on the list, Ling has 1.4 million Instagram fans.

  25. Carrington Durham @carringtondurham: A teenage superstar has 1.1 million followers.

  26. Ghetto Spider @ghetto.spider: With 1 million fans, Ghetto Spider is the most popular unknown celebrity.

  27. Matt King @mattrking: An Internet comedian Matt King also has 1 million fans.

  28. Kevon Fredericks @kevonstage: Kevon is an actor and entertainer with 700 thousand Instagram followers.

  29. Sammy Robinson @sammyrobinson: Sammy is a beauty influencer from Australia with close to 600 thousand fans.

  30. Gabrielle Alexis @gabxxrielle: The last place on our list is reserved for another makeup artist. Gabrielle Alexis currently has over 500 thousand Instagram followers.



Instagram influencers have become a major marketing force in the last few years. Users with thousands or even millions of followers now cooperate with brands to promote their products or services, which helps them to generate substantial revenue. In this post, we showed you the top 30 Instagram influencers and explained how much they earn. What do you think about it?


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