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Ten Bands One Cause Returns With New Pink Vinyl For 2019 | The Daily Rind

Ten Bands One Cause Returns With New Pink Vinyl For 2019

By Julia Greenspan July 25, 2019

A few blocks away from The Orchard’s US headquarters, is the famous red door that opens up into Gilda’s Club NYC. Started in honor of former Saturday Night Live star, Gilda Radner, Gilda’s Club NYC acts as a caring, supportive community for cancer patients and their families. Since 1995, the New York City location has seen major success that led to the birth of Gilda’s Club Worldwide in 2000 and the merge with The Wellness Community to form Cancer Support Community, now the largest support network in the country. From lectures to events to workshops, the NYC location helps over 20,000 people a year in receiving supportive care and outreach programs. 

Along with Gilda’s Club NYC’s direct assistance to cancer patients, the organization also calls on music-lovers to lend a helping hand. For the sixth year Ten Bands One Cause is releasing limited-edition pink vinyl, the proceeds of which wholly support Gilda’s Club NYC. Some past participants in pink-covering their re-releases include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Modest Mouse, Jason Isbell, The Black Keys and more. 

This fall, from September 27th to October 25th, The Orchard will be releasing the sixth installment of the pink vinyl initiative with releases from John Prine, Third Eye Blind, Spiritualized, Sunn O))), Amanda Palmer, Courtney Marie Andrews, Mark Lanegan, Saves The Day, Colter Wall and Lacuna Coil. Right at the kickoff of Breast Cancer Awareness month, these limited edition items will be available to purchase at any vinyl-selling retailer nationwide. 

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