Thursday, July 11, 2019

How To Stay Healthy On Road: Tips For Touring Artists | hypebot

3While touring can, for many artists, be a dream come true, it also likely means countless hours on the road trapped in tiny van. Conditions like these can make make maintaining a healthy lifestyle difficult but not, should you take the right precautions, impossible.


In this recent piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Sam Bowman shares some helpful tips on how to practice effective self-care while facing down the challenges of a DIY tour.

"Realistically, it can be difficult to be sure you are doing everything to protect yourself from your surroundings. Even taking regular showers on the tour bus can seem like a hassle (assuming you have a bus with a shower), and stopping at a place where you can shower is equally obnoxious. But doing so can help you to avoid many potential illnesses that come from being dirty."

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