Friday, June 21, 2019

When, How Music Matters To Gen Z [INFOGRAPHIC] | hypebot

1In this piece, Chris Robley looks at an interesting new study from Spotify investigating the listening habits of those under 25, which reveals some curious new stats on how Generation Z is consuming music. Hint: They're into the sad stuff.


By Chris Robley from CD Baby's DIY Musician blog

The listening habits of people under 25.

Spotify created an infographic showing cultural and music-consumption trends among an “empowered, multinational, cross-cultural, socially aware, and informed group of 15- to 24-year-olds who speak their minds.”

Most surprising to me? That Generation Z loves itself some sad music, which they compile in “bag playlists” (collections of songs for the melancholy times). I’m not sure why that surprises me; heartbreak and loneliness have been the stuff of pop music in every age. Goethe Lieder, anyone? Maybe I just like the term “bag” playlist.

Anyway, check out the infographic below, and see Spotify’s more fleshed out analysis HERE

Generation Z listening trends

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