Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Soundcloud GO+ Launches In Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland | hypebot

Soundcloud-logoSoundcloud GO+. the streamer's premium music subscription plan has launched in Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. SoundCloud Go+ gives listeners access to more than 200 million tracks, DJ sets, remixes and more,from over 20 million global creators.

“SoundCloud is the first place listeners go to discover what’s next in music, and directly connect with the vibrant community of creators, curators and fellow listeners who are powering the platform,” said Anthony Gabriele, Senior Vice President, Subscriptions & Marketing, SoundCloud. “SoundCloud Go+ unlocks access to SoundCloud’s full catalog and allows fans to take their music anywhere, anytime, while financially supporting the more than 20 million creators who are building and growing their careers on the platform.”  

SoundCloud Go+ is available through SoundCloud's existing apps in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, or by logging on to soundcloud.com/go. SoundCloud offers a free, 30-day trial of SoundCloud Go+, after which a monthly subscription fee applies: €9.99/€6.99(PT)/₣12.99 (Web/Android) or €12.99/€9.99(PT)/₣16.99 (iOS) per month. iOS users can avoid the App Store surcharge by visiting soundcloud.com/go

Subscribers to SoundCloud Pro Unlimited, SoundCloud’s premium creator subscription, can add a SoundCloud Go+ subscription for half the price inclusing integrations with DJ software from Serato, Pioneer DJ, Native Instruments, and more. To take advantage of this offer and learn more about SoundCloud’s DJ software integrations, creators can visit soundcloud.com/go.

[from http://bit.ly/1n4oGj7]

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