Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Music Ally To Launch In China | hypebot

image from musically.comMusic industry consultancy and news site Music Ally has teamed with Kanjian Music, the Chinese music services company, to launch Music Ally China. This new venture will bridge the gap between the rapidly-expanding and commercially-unique Chinese music business and the western and Japanese music industries.

Music Ally China will publish in Chinese on WeChat and Weibo, posting regular news as well as strategy and advice for Chinese artists and companies looking to do business on a global basis. The new venture will also help western and Japanese music companies find and connect with audiences in China.

Music Ally China will be headquartered in Shanghai with local support from Kanjian Music. 

The fast-evolving Chinese industry will benefit from increased coverage and expertise, and the local knowledge base will enable Music Ally’s international subscribers to gain exclusive insights into how to understand the world’s largest high-growth market.

Music Ally launched in Japan in January 2019. 

“We are delighted to be launching Music Ally China. This new venture couldn’t come at a better time as China continues to emerge as one of the world’s most important new music markets. Together with our launch partners Kanjian Music we hope to bring knowledge and value to the local market and increase the connections with the global music business,” said Music Ally’s CEO and co-founder Paul Brindley. “As with the launch of Music Ally Japan, we feel that an increased understanding of large global markets is essential for the health of the overall industry; and building connections between those markets is driven by that understanding. Music Ally aims to become a worldwide knowledge hub, helping to develop skills and build the networks that are essential for the modern music business to thrive.”

“People across the industry have long embraced the knowledge and skills that Music Ally advance to empower the way they make music and develop careers today. With China’s market maturing every day, this partnership brings to the table business intelligence and practical know-how on a truly global scale.” Kanjian Music CEO Shen Jia said. “Together, Music Ally and Kanjian Music will provide our shared partners and customers with insights that put them at the heart of the ‘new music industry world’. Our partnership with Music Ally is a strong support to our business and we believe that Music Ally China will make it easier than ever to understand better what's happening on either side of the Great Wall, giving artists, labels and managers alike the freedom to collaborate and reach brand new audiences.”

You can find Music Ally China at www.musically.com/cn

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