Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Breaking Into The Industry: Tips For College Grads | hypebot

2While graduating from college can certainly feel like a major milestone, the prospect of finding a job (particularly in an industry as notoriously tumultuous as the music business) can be intimidating. Here we look at some key pointers for how fresh-faced graduates can get their foot in the door.


In this recent piece on MusicThinkTank, Sam Bowman outlines some valuable tips for recent graduates of higher ed as to how they get their music industry career off to a successful start.

"Once you’ve identified your dream job, think about the types of jobs that could help get you there. For instance, if you want to play in a Broadway orchestra, you might start your career by securing positions in local orchestras, move up to off-Broadway orchestras, and then ultimately land a job in a Broadway orchestra. You may not be able to step right into the job that you want immediately after graduating college, but there are many opportunities that can help you build the skills and experience you need to get these more prestigious positions."

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