Thursday, May 16, 2019

Musician's Malady: 4 Ways To Relax After A Grueling Show | Music Think Tank

Most of a musician’s time is spent honing their craft, preparing for shows, and playing performances. However, once the shows are over, it can be hard for musicians to handle the inevitable crash felt after riding that live music high. Musicians looking to overcome this musician’s malady should try the following ideas.

Watch Show Highlights

It isn’t uncommon for musicians to fail to acknowledge how incredible their achievements are. Instead of remembering each performance for the experience it was, these memories often fade away and the moment begins to lose its wonder. Watching old highlight reels from past performances gives musicians another opportunity to review their playing and their favorite performances. Instead of being sad that another show has ended, you can spend your time reliving the good days via your highlight reels.

Smoke to Relax

The long-held tradition of smoking after shows and during practice sessions is almost an expected ritual for most musicians. While the substance that is smoked may vary depending on the artist’s particular preferences, the act of smoking solo or together is an effective way to wind down. For many musicians, smoking Black and Mild cigars can calm their nerves, ease the mind, and allow them to truly unwind after they’ve played a show.

Enjoy a Bar Night with Friends

Whether it’s at a dive bar or a nightclub, a night out with friends is a good way to take your mind off of any stressful, uncomfortable, or anxious thoughts. Whether the time is spent dancing the night away with friends or drinking and talking about past shows, musicians should take a night or two after a performance to really let their hair down. This can help reduce the stress that comes with performing and help keep things loose.

Listen to Old Albums

Musicians that are reminiscing for the good old days can tap into the power of nostalgia again by listing to old albums. These old albums can be recordings from their earlier days as a young band or solo artists or they can be the work of their favorite musicians that inspired them to start playing music. As they are reminded of why they began playing music in the first place, they’ll break out of the malady and become motivated to get ready for their next performance.

There’s nothing that compares to the feeling of performing on stage in front of an audience. Musicians should do all they can to soak in this amazing feeling by keeping these tips in mind.


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