Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Brief Inquiry Into Building Music Empires With Jamie Oborne, Manager Of The 1975 | hypebot

1In this episode of MMF's management focused podcast, the sat down to chat with Jamie Oborne, founder of Dirty Hit and manager of notable hit group The 1975 on his journey to building an independent music empire.


Guest post from AWAL

"How Did You Manage That" is a new podcast created by the MMF focused on getting inside the minds of some of the biggest, most successful managers on the planet.

This week's episode features Dirty Hit founder, and The 1975 manager, Jamie Oborne. The seasoned record exec takes us through it all: from his start as a music manager, to establishing and running one of the music industry's leading independent record labels home to acts such as The 1975, Wolf Alice, Pale Waves and more — highlighting all the lessons he learned along the way. 

Sit back. Listen up. Enjoy. 


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