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4 “Hip” Ways to Maximize the Success of Your Online Startup | Evolvor Media

Capturing the market can be a difficult challenge when running a startup company, as you will more than likely come up against much competition online.

Yet, there are various tactics you can undertake to grow your brand recognition and acquire many new customers along the way.

To turn your small company into a reputable, trusted brand in your industry, find out how to maximize the success of your online startup.

Utilize Marketing Automation

Sending email newsletters to customers and following up on an abandoned cart can be mundane and time-consuming. To maximize sales while freeing up your time, you should utilize marketing automation to streamline the important tasks.

What’s more, automation services can also help you to customize and segment various email newsletters or mobile push notifications, which can match a customer’s past behavior and encourage them to buy from your brand.

Introduce Chatbots

An innovative chatbot can take your customer service experience to the next level, as it is a form of artificial intelligence that can conduct a conversation with a visitor on your website. Thanks to the technology, customers will be able to receive an immediate response to their questions, which could convince them to buy a product or service on your website.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular ecommerce trends in 2019, and it is a technology that is only expected to grow stronger within the next few years.

Google Remarketing

To improve your online advertising tactics, embrace Google Remarketing. When a user visits your website, it will place a cookie onto their computer. As a result, when they browse other websites online, they could view an ad that encourages them to return to your site to complete a purchase or action.

For instance, if a visitor attempted to sign-up to your business but failed to complete the online form, you could run an advertisement that encourages them to return to the sign-up process.

Rank Highly on YouTube

Many entrepreneurs underestimate the power of YouTube and do not view the platform as a search engine, despite the fact it receives 30 million visits per day.

The good news is for your online startup is that it is much easier to rank for various keywords in YouTube than in the likes of Google, as it is less competitive. Plus, as Google is featuring more YouTube videos in their search results, it can be a powerful way to reach your target audience each day.

For this reason, you should aim to develop professional, entertaining videos to grab your target audience’s attention and encourage clicks to your website. The videos should complement your image and tone of voice to develop a consistent, professional brand. Three minutes is also the magic number, as they tend to have between 50,000 to 1,000,000 views.

If you want to exceed your competitors online and turn your startup into a trusted brand, the above tactics could be an effective way to do exactly that.

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