Friday, April 19, 2019

These 7 brands are offering weed-related discounts and deals on 4/20 | Advertising Age

Brands, never ones to let a celebration slide by, have high expectations for 4/20 now that weed has become legal in a growing number of states.

As we noted in Marketer's Brief earlier this week, get ready for a lot of 4/20 pot tweets from companies trying to look hip, as well as some actual deals, such as a Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Denver selling a "Rocky Mountain High: Cheeseburger Delight," and Andy Capp releasing a special take on its Hot Fries: Andy Capp’s Fully Baked Hot Munchies.

Here, more ways marketers are trying to tap into the budding industry.

Ben & Jerry's 
The ice cream brand is launching a joint effort with Caliva, a San Francisco Bay-area dispensary, to get customers baked––"Half Baked," that is. All Caliva delivery orders on 4/19 and 4/20 will come with a complimentary pint of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor.

The dispensary will donate 4.2 percent of these sales to Code for America's "Clear My Record" pilot program in California that helps "the government automatically clear all eligible criminal records and remove a significant barrier to work, education, and housing for people," according to its website.

Pizza Hut
The pizza chain is offering a discount on its HERSHEY'S® Triple Chocolate brownie on April 20. No, not that kind of brownie.

Toppers Pizza
The pizza chain is claiming weed day for itself, calling it Worldwide Topperstix Day. Customers can get 50 percent off triple orders of the brand’s eponymous pizza sticks. The deal starts at 4:20 p.m. on April 20.

Dos Toros Taqueri
Taco 'bout a deal. The fast-feeder is offering half-price nacho orders ($4.20) to customers who utter a specific phrase at checkout: “half-baked.” And then there's, er, this. 

Cheba Hut
Need a good deal on a nug? The cannabis-themed sandwich chain has got you. It's selling nugs (its four-inch sandwiches) for––you guessed it––$4.20. There’ll also be live music and Kool-Aid-chugging contests at its 27 locations.



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