Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Ad Age 2019 Production Company A-List: Park Pictures | Advertising Age

Hard-hitting campaigns that tackled societal issue were the highlight of Park’s oeuvre this year, including Nike’s divisive “Dream Crazy” ad featuring Colin Kaepernick, directed by Lance Acord. Also for Nike, A.G. Rojas helmed a powerful ad featuring controversial athlete Caster Semenya facing down her critics. Meanwhile “The Sentence,” Rudy Valdez’s documentary about prison sentencing reform, won the Sundance Audience Award for Best U.S. Documentary Feature.

But the company’s talents entertained as well—Terence Neal imagined model-of-the-moment Jazelle as an anime hero, centaur and pixie in a fun film for ASOS, while Acord treated us to more evil Christian Slater in HP’s “The Wolf” campaign.

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