Thursday, March 21, 2019

Setting Up A Foolproof Home Practice Space | hypebot

2Improving as a musician without practicing is impossible, and practicing without a space to do it in is similarly difficult. In this piece we explore how to allocate the optimal practice space with regard to temperature, humidity, and tech needs.


In this new post to MusicThinkTank, contributor Dan Matthews offers some key tips for how to set up the ideal practice space in your home.

"One of the easiest things to totally skip on in setting up a practice area is providing a way to keep the space clean. This isn’t simply a veiled critique to finally move that amp and clean up the cobwebs or vacuum the run around it (although that’s not a bad idea, too). We’re talking about the instruments themselves.

Consider the truth about tech germs: “Keyboards, on average, are five times dirtier and have 60 times more germs on them than toilet seats. They are 150 times over the acceptable limit for bacteria.” "

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