Sunday, March 3, 2019

Certain Songs #1470: Paul Westerberg – “Call That Gone?” | Medialoper

Album: Stereo
Year: 2002

The final song on Stereo — absent a hidden track Flesh For Lulu cover — was probably the most fleshed-out song on the whole record, at least musically.

Not only was there a full-out band sound — electric & acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion — there was also even horns lurking in the background as well, while Paul Westerberg address a lover who isn’t leaving nearly as fast as he would prefer.

Tell me
What’s taking so long
You call that gone?
What’s taking so awful long
You call that gone
(You call that, call that gone?)
You call that gone

With his vocal dialed into the space between amused and exasperated, and a greek chorus of Pauls continually asking “you call that, call that gone?” throughout, “Call That Gone?” is way more fun than it probably should be, a moment of relative lightness on a relatively dark album (a relatively dark album that has “Mr. Rabbit” on it, to be sure), and a nice way to end the record.

I also think it’s a bit of a pointer to his next couple of albums, at least Come Feel Me Tremble and Folker, which combine Paul overdubbing himself into full-band arrangements (in realistic stereo, natch), minus only the loud guitars found on Come Feel Me Tremble, as 2002-2004 would turn out to be the most prolific era of his career, as well as one of the most artistically rewarding.

“Call That Gone?”

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