Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Alison Bonny leaves Spotify after 8 years | Music Business Worldwide

Alison Bonny, Spotify’s much respected, UK-based Comms Director for EMEA, is leaving the company after almost eight years in the role.

Bonny joined Spotify shortly before its US launch in 2011, when the company had just one million subscribers and was available in a handful of markets.

Today Spotify has 96m subscribers and over 200m active users in 79 countries worldwide.

Since then she has been a high profile and influential member of the global comms team, playing a leading role in most of the company’s highest profile projects and partnerships, including working on its IPO in 2018, and spearheading many of the company’s international launches.

Bonny’s next move is currently unknown.Music Business Worldwide

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